Monday, December 2, 2013


This week was filled with member missionary work, holy smokes! It was so incredible! I feel that the members have truly caught the spirit of missionary work, but there is still always more we can all grasp. We have an outstanding Bishop who works right by our side…. Always concerned for our welfare but more importantly for the welfare of those in the ward and those who will soon be coming into the ward! 

We currently have the sisters from another area living with us! We are learning so much from them. (Their apartment had some flooding issues :/ whoops) 

We had some spectacular feasts on thanksgiving. "It was an explosion of flavor." (name that movie). We had a couple with some members and their friends, one with a couple who are investigators (Joe and Nilsa - see picture), and another with a family where the father is a member, but the kids and wife are not. It is so incredible to see the different ages and how open they are to learning. Their hearts are so open. Wow!I hope and pray, and hope and pray some more that I will always continue to learn and not get "set in my ways." I just can't imagine how much the apostles and prophets study and pray and read and ponder about what they will speak of in conference or anywhere for that matter. I’m sure they are constantly learning about not only the gospel, but the world as well. 

We learned how to make Tamales this past week! (see picture) Sitting next to Sister Whittier is Bruna. (whom I mentioned last week). 

We also were able to teach an incredible mother named Roxanne this week. She has two boys and a little girl. They all have so much energy and one of the little boys, Justin, is a clone of my sweet Brody. "Do you have a family?"  “Yeth” (with his arms thrown up). "Do we say mean things to our brother?"  “Noooooaaa”. The mother is amazing and strives to have the best for her kids. We were able to give them a tour of the church this past week and Sister Whittier sang The First Noel. Justin had his eyes just glued on her the whole entire time. So incredible how the spirit can touch a heart and calm a soul, even one with so much energy. 

It was a splendid week. The work is moving forward so quickly as the world is simultaneously degrading rapidly. There is an urgency for the gospel at this time. I know that "I am weak...but in His strength I can do all things." We must draw near unto him. 

Much, much love to you all. You are in my prayers every day and I love you. 

Sister Davis
Oh and check out the December Ensign 1st Presidency cool……. And the quote on the back of the Ensign…... Can you say MISSIONARY WORK!?!
making tamales with Bruna!
Thanksgiving with Joe and Nilsa,!
Thanksgiving leftovers!

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