Monday, December 9, 2013


Thank you, thank you for the birthday wishes......aaannnddd YAY! M'Kay is home!!!! Give him a huge hug when ya see him for me....

THIS WAS A CRAZY one our investigators says every other sentence...‘we were runnin around like chickens with their heads cut off”  

We set Vanessa with a baptismal date!!! And she is living the Word of Wisdom and the best part of all she feels her Heavenly Father's love and is growing immensely. 

Miracles from the members....
(1) We had a lesson with Sandy this week. This is the beginning of how much the members help in the progression and lasting conversion as well. The member who came with us asked if Sandy had done her family history...little did we know she was adopted and later that week she was able to find out more about her biological parents and was stoked about it. She came to a RS activity later that evening and couldn't even wait a whole 2 seconds to tell us how excited she was about all that she found about her parents! Can you say the work is hastening? 

(2) More miracles from our amazing members...We taught a family where the wife is Catholic and the husband is a member. She has been shaky on the subject of learning more but has finally opened up. During the lesson her husband was able to share some powerful, powerful testimonies of the book of Mormon. She has tons of questions about it, but is learning quickly. The time to share is now, especially with those who are close to us. Can you say the work is hastening? 

(3) We met a girl named Claire a while back...she said she had lots of friends who were members...but she wasn't quite ready for us to meet with her. We were riding our bikes the other day and she was cleaning her car. We stopped and asked if we could share a message with her. And she responded with a gracious yes. None of this would have happened however without the key ingredient of having lots of members as friends and those friends sharing lots with her about the gospel. Can you say the work is hastening? 

(4) And one more...a youth in our ward was talking with one of her friends and her friend simply asked what do you guys do and why do you do it? And her response was something like I have some friends who can tell you more...lets have dinner and they can answer your questions! Idk, maybe the work is hastening, Wait, I think you said the work is hastening...oh, ok, so the work is....hastening? (sound like anyone we know? Maybe like…Tucker?)The work cannot  move forward without the members

And one last miracle!!! This morning we had a lesson with a man named George. He is incredible. And we set him with a baptismal date for Dec 21st....oh so soon! WOW it was an outstanding lesson. He attended church yesterday and truly felt the love and friendship from the members in the ward...they all naturally introduced themselves because they noticed someone new in the congregation! We didn't tell each member he was an investigator, they made their own effort to notice him. cool. 

 I can't be thankful enough for the gospel of Jesus Christ, for every single one of God's children, for the restoration, the Prophet Joseph Smith, for the Book of Mormon, for my testimony and the testimony of others. I am strengthened every day. This is quite the lengthy email, my goodness. But thank you again. I love each one of you and am so grateful for your support. The other day I heard of a missionary who receives anti-Mormon info from his family every week! So sad…...oh how grateful I am for each one of you. I hope to never, never take that for granted. 

I love you so very much! All is well, all is well! 
Love, Sister Davis
A foggy day in San Antonio!
George! He gets baptized December 21st!
Rudy's BBQ-supposedly the best around!

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