Monday, January 27, 2014


Ahhhhhh I am so excited and I hope I can type fast enough today to get everything out that I want to say!!! 

Yes, I wish I could shout it at the top of my lungs. Whenever someone speaks of their family it just brings warm fuzzies to me because I think of you guys and all the love you have given me over the years. 

Wow this was a week full of learning. I loved it. We met another part-member family. The husband and the son are both not members and the son soaked up the gospel like a sponge. It scared me that he is 12 years old and no idea how to pray or who Jesus Christ was. Well, Heavenly Father is here to help you. It made me think of all those across the world who don’t know of him. An investigator this week ended a lesson with a prayer and in her prayer she said "And if I come across anyone who does not know Christ, I will make it known to them." That was more dedication than some of us missionaries or members. But I loved it. It is inspiring to tell all of the good news! 

A couple times this week we called one of our investigators, Daniel. The first time we called we asked how his day was. (it was not the right question to ask) He began to tell us of all the downfalls that had occurred that day. Well, we then asked how is Book of Mormon reading has been...and you know the answer...well I didn’t get a chance to read. A couple days later we called, how are you Daniel? Well I am doing great, it has been a good day. How has the Book of Mormon been? Well I listened to the first 13 chapters 4 times. TRULY, TRULY ,that is the power right there. Do we truly believe in that power BEFORE it occurs though, or do we sometimes forget about it when we get caught up in life and don’t think we want to read. Why does it leave us so quickly? ahh

Another example of those people who aren't members being the best missionaries…... We had an investigator this week who we asked if she knew of anyone who could use some help at this time, and right then and there she listed a few individuals that had mentioned to her something about wanting to attend a church, looking for a church, or asking her what church she attends. She is now bringing one of those friends to church with her! The lord is preparing people. That is a PROMISE from Him. 

We spoke with a woman this past week and asked if she had a chance to read the Book of Mormon her friend gave her. She said "No, I will not read it." We shared with her a snippit of what was in 3 Nephi 11 and shared with her our testimonies of Christ. We then asked when would be a good time to share more and she set a time for us to come back and read the Book of Mormon with her. OH my....He will give us what we need to say at that very moment....the power will begin to flow into your minds the moment you begin a serious study...your testimony is the most powerful tool...and so on and so forth. It is all true. BUT not because we witnessed it afterwards, but because we had faith before that it could happen and it did. We share these experiences so that others can see just an example of what can happen. BUT miracles are real and do occur. We don’t know what he is going to do, or what he can do. One of my favorite quotes is "Expect the Unexpected." 

I must go, time is up and I am starting to ramble. But I love you all so much! I love this gospel. I now have a camera, thanks to Adri so I hope to take pics and send them off to you soon. 

Enjoy the winter cold, while the sun shines brightly every day here in San Antonio. I have never seen a bigger blue sky. 

The gospel is ALWAYS true, Sister Davis

Monday, January 20, 2014


AHHHHH CRAZY AMAZING THINGS-I feel like that scripture when it says he will give us blessings we won’t have room to receive it! Yep. Kind of like my suitcase last week, didn’t have room to pack everything in. 
 I love this… I love it with all my heart! Please help me to never lose the fire of the spirit. 

We had a treat a couple of weeks ago. More than a treat actually. Elder Bednar, an apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ, came to share with us what Heavenly Father would have us do at this time. My goodness…..a once in a life time opportunity. We prepared by reading talks by Elder Bednar and when we arrived he simply asked us, "What did you learn?" The whole three hours was not about what he had prepared to speak to us about, it was not a memorized talk, it was about what Heavenly Father needed us to learn. We shared, we were asked questions, we asked questions, and we felt the presence of the Holy Ghost like it was sitting right next to us. My brain hurt a bit because of the speed my gears were turning. 

At the end he asked us, "Based upon what you have observed, felt and learned, what will you do?" Wow! I feel that is a question we can all ask ourselves after any meeting, study time or any event for that matter. Elder Bednar taught us in a way that was personal, unselfish and focused. Later this week I made the connection as to why I loved it so much when Jordan taught our Sunday School class. He was focused on us, it was about what we needed that week, it was spirit-lead teaching, not teacher-studied-this-so-this-what-I-am-teaching. SO AMAZING

This past week we set up a time to meet with a young teenage girl named Kiera. Last minute, the grandmother (whom she lives with, that is a less-active member) called to cancel the appt. So we went about our business doing other things. We then get a call from the grandmother saying "Hello, there is someone here at my house, who wants to meet you." We were like, “what? who could it be? A friend? We arrive at their house and it was the member we had called the night before to come with us…..both of us had spaced that out. (never has happened to either of us before). But we got there and the grandmother said, well do you want to just do a lesson? OF COURSE WE DO! lol So we read from the Book of Mormon that evening and miracle after miracle after miracle occurred. WOW She felt the spirit, she understood, she continued to read after we left, and discovered she could come to church when she previously told us she wouldn’t be able to. Miracles have not ceased.

I am on the edge of my chair typing right now because I am so excited! Ah

We are also working with a young mother, Angela. Just a few of the phrases she has shared with us this past week...."I don’t want to put the Book of Mormon down, I just gotta keep reading." "My friend, Stephanie, at work said to me that she has noticed I have changed lately and been acting different. (SAY WHAT?) She said you are more at peace, and calm. So I told her why, that I have been reading the Book of Mormon, and I invited her to come tonight to listen and to learn from ya'll." OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Can you imagine if every member of the church did that when a friend of theirs says "You are different, you act different etc." Well come and see why. You have questions about what we do at church? Come and see! You have questions about what we are reading, "Well come and see!" 

This past week we were talking with a member who shared with us a story of her son who was struggling in the church. She said when the ward split it was a turning pointer for her son. She said "if that split did not occur he would be attending church right now." Elder Bednar shared with us about true conversion to the gospel. If we truly as missionaries want to convert our investigators fully to the gospel, then they would never want us to come back. They would say, thank you for teaching us, we are set, you have lead us in the right way, and we don’t need you to come back. I was imagining us as missionaries like tour guides, we want to tell them everything, we want to introduce them to all the good stuff, but we don’t allow them to read on their own, or learn on their own. This concept could continue on forever and forever to study about it. The hard part, is applying this concept. A dream of mine! 

Well I must stop….. I love the gospel, I love my Heavenly Father. I love his plan he that we have accepted! Every part of it. 

I wish you all the best this week, (including those Bronco's) and don't forget I would love to hear those miracles that are happening! I think I have shared my fair share of miracles with you, now it is your turn. 

Enjoy the pics! Oh man they are soooo good. Well they may just look like smiling faces to you, but these people are children of God that I love! These are some of the people I was able to see before I left.
Always, Sister Davis
Bishop Hagey and his wife
the De La Garza Family
George Romero at his home
George Romero's baptism
Lovely "helmet heads"
Maria Carillo, Austin, and Maria's boys, Alex and Aires
Sis. Whittier and I with Claire Crumrine
Sis. Whittier and I with Sis. Riaz, Bro. Mendoza and George Romer
sis. Whittier and I with Sis. Brinkerhoff (member)
With the Gregory's
with the Baldea family

Monday, January 13, 2014



What a powerful week! "For in his strength I can do all things." was repeated over and over again in my head.

In Garden Ridge: 

We were able to teach George R. again and it was the first time that Sister Riaz (George's sister) was able to hear her brother pray. WOW. Tears streamed down her face as she was telling us. It was incredible how powerful the spirit is to bind families together. The image of all of us in the temple together at Adri's wedding crossed my mind. How grateful I am for that experience and so many more to come! That memory will never leave my heart. 

De la Garza Family: As we rode home with Sister de la Garza she was telling us of some conversations she was having with Brother de la Garza before they got married. She expressed how her greatest desire in life is to go to the temple and be sealed as a family, but she also explained that some other things had to occur before that could happen. Brother de la Garza so gently expressed to her that he would love to take her to the temple, but not until he feels that change of heart, until he knows he is not just doing it for her, but for more important reasons. WOW So powerful how he understands the gift of agency and how to use it wisely. 

WELCOME BROTHER BETANCOURT into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! He was baptized and confirmed this past week! I will send pictures soon. He is ready to take off and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and live it fully! 

So on to the San Antonio 9th Ward (San Antonio West Stake) I’ve moved from the East to the West
My New Address
12330 Vance Jackson Apt 7202
San Antonio, TX 78230

Not too far from Garden Ridge (only about 30min) My new companion is Sister Harmon! She is absolutely wonderful. She heads home this transfer, bittersweet I am sure. Another bittersweet.......we are in a car, but good news, we live with another set of sisters! So cool! 

This ward is on fire with Missionary Work though! It is crazy. Our Ward Mission Leader moved from Chicago about 6 months ago and is just moving forward so quickly. Our Bishop began sacrament meeting with announcing the Ward Mission Plan and extending the challenge for everyone to continue inviting! 

We have so many wonderful individuals here who want to soak up the gospel. Angela is a friend of a member here, Sister Lee (her family was on The District). She mentioned how the first few times she invited Angela to church she declined, but she continued to invite her to other activities and events. Angela mentioned the first time she really felt at home was when she attended an activity and all the ward members came up to introduce themselves and made sure she felt welcomed! Holy Smokes. It is not us missionaries, it’s the magic touch of the members. Also, this was so cooooool....she told Sister Lee the other day that people at work saw her reading the book of mormon and started poking jokes at her and making fun of her, and she just sat up a little straighter and defended herself and most importantly Christ's church! Oh snap! 

Wow, we have an even shorter time to email so I am sorry to cut this short but I wish the best for you all and I love you so much! Continue to pray like crazy for those missionary opportunities, and please them all…. even the little ones. I would love to hear them. And the people of Texas would love to hear them as well! 

Much Love Always, Sister Davis

Monday, January 6, 2014


 It is the year of 2014! Happy Happy New Year to you all. I know and will forever know that this is Christ's church on this earth. We can know that and feel of his love by reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if he is there. 

Update on the investigators: 
Brother Betancourt is entering the waters of baptism this SATURDAY!!!! He is so nervous and we are so excited! He has been out of town for the past couple weeks in Mexico with his phone off so we haven't had contact with him by telephone, only through Heavenly Fathers assurance that he is doing well. But last Sat we received a text "Sisters, I'm back." And then we freaked out just a bit. We set a time to see him that evening and he is prepared and so ready. His heart is overflowing with joy and desire to come closer to Christ. 

Claire just got back in town this past week also….it has been a relief that all these individuals are safe and doing well. 

Bruna is receiving blessings like crazy. We just need to open her eyes a bit more to help her see them all. She was offered a new job, and loves it, but is super busy. Feels so strongly a desire to learn about the gospel and truly wants to take it seriously. It is now a matter of putting the rocks in the jar first now, and then the sand. 

Oh, we met a gentleman named George Colorado. Yes 100% true... His last name is Colorado. 

Rey is soaking up the gospel like crazy. He read the chapters we assigned, and came with pages of questions written down. He has such a willing and humble heart. Doesn’t want to take this learning process light in any way.

So this little girl passes us on a tandem bike with her father and says in her little girl voice "Hi guys, we're riding on a bike too." Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with children who never forget how happy and how great life truly is. 

Sister Lawson attended church yesterday!!! Say what? We met with her afterwards and she said "Whatever was in that room I was feelin’ it." I didn't see her but she expressed that she may have had a few joyful tears come down her face.

Brother de la Garza (not a member) and Sister de la Garza (member) READ the Book of Mormon TOGETHER this past week ON THEIR OWN. Sister de la Garza expressed to Brother de la Garza her testimony of the whole chapter of Moroni 8. (How we believe we are not born with Adam's sin, and that we have the opportunity to choose to be baptized when we reach the age of accountability.) He sat there in silence during her testimony and then  responded "I feel that I can't argue with that, you say it with such confidence." IT’S THE TRUTH

Oh man I wish I could go on, the list of miracles never ends. BUT we know that these only occur because of everyone's effort to fight for what is right. Your prayers helped these miracles occur. Thank you, thank you. So what do you we need to do...keep praying! And ACT on the answers we receive. We are studying some of Elder Bednar's talks right now....they are called "Seek Learning By Faith" "Ask in Faith" and "Converted Unto the Lord" They are awesome!

Ok, One last miracle, about a gentlemen named George ...the brother of the Taxi driver who picks us up. We went over to their home to have some "hot cocoa" and we were able to "oddly enough" talk about the gospel. Brother Mendoza was able to share with George his conversion story and Sister Riaz (George's sister) shared her strong belief in the church and what it means to her. He feels it, he knows it’s true and he knows it is good. Just a matter of helping him recognize and have confidence that this is the answer and the truth that he has been looking for. 

Great quote of the week…….."Don't think less of yourself, just think less about yourself."

And one last story...we had dinner with a family this week and we read a verse from the scriptures and asked the family a question...the father of the home (who is very reserved and quiet) then speaks up and discusses a gospel principle and then continues into a speech of the importance of missionary work, and what our responsibility is as missionaries, and starts to tell his kids the effectiveness of working with members and how much of an influence they can have on the work and how he has been thinking of doing missionary work lately and what his plans are and on and on and on....Sister Whittier and I were both like,  "Yep, just keep it comin." 

So glad to hear that everyone made it home safely. Enjoy the fresh start of a new semester of school and work and everything that will occur in this new year! Have a wonderful week and work as hard as you can! I love the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. 

Love you all so very much!  Sister Davis
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