Monday, January 6, 2014


 It is the year of 2014! Happy Happy New Year to you all. I know and will forever know that this is Christ's church on this earth. We can know that and feel of his love by reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if he is there. 

Update on the investigators: 
Brother Betancourt is entering the waters of baptism this SATURDAY!!!! He is so nervous and we are so excited! He has been out of town for the past couple weeks in Mexico with his phone off so we haven't had contact with him by telephone, only through Heavenly Fathers assurance that he is doing well. But last Sat we received a text "Sisters, I'm back." And then we freaked out just a bit. We set a time to see him that evening and he is prepared and so ready. His heart is overflowing with joy and desire to come closer to Christ. 

Claire just got back in town this past week also….it has been a relief that all these individuals are safe and doing well. 

Bruna is receiving blessings like crazy. We just need to open her eyes a bit more to help her see them all. She was offered a new job, and loves it, but is super busy. Feels so strongly a desire to learn about the gospel and truly wants to take it seriously. It is now a matter of putting the rocks in the jar first now, and then the sand. 

Oh, we met a gentleman named George Colorado. Yes 100% true... His last name is Colorado. 

Rey is soaking up the gospel like crazy. He read the chapters we assigned, and came with pages of questions written down. He has such a willing and humble heart. Doesn’t want to take this learning process light in any way.

So this little girl passes us on a tandem bike with her father and says in her little girl voice "Hi guys, we're riding on a bike too." Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with children who never forget how happy and how great life truly is. 

Sister Lawson attended church yesterday!!! Say what? We met with her afterwards and she said "Whatever was in that room I was feelin’ it." I didn't see her but she expressed that she may have had a few joyful tears come down her face.

Brother de la Garza (not a member) and Sister de la Garza (member) READ the Book of Mormon TOGETHER this past week ON THEIR OWN. Sister de la Garza expressed to Brother de la Garza her testimony of the whole chapter of Moroni 8. (How we believe we are not born with Adam's sin, and that we have the opportunity to choose to be baptized when we reach the age of accountability.) He sat there in silence during her testimony and then  responded "I feel that I can't argue with that, you say it with such confidence." IT’S THE TRUTH

Oh man I wish I could go on, the list of miracles never ends. BUT we know that these only occur because of everyone's effort to fight for what is right. Your prayers helped these miracles occur. Thank you, thank you. So what do you we need to do...keep praying! And ACT on the answers we receive. We are studying some of Elder Bednar's talks right now....they are called "Seek Learning By Faith" "Ask in Faith" and "Converted Unto the Lord" They are awesome!

Ok, One last miracle, about a gentlemen named George ...the brother of the Taxi driver who picks us up. We went over to their home to have some "hot cocoa" and we were able to "oddly enough" talk about the gospel. Brother Mendoza was able to share with George his conversion story and Sister Riaz (George's sister) shared her strong belief in the church and what it means to her. He feels it, he knows it’s true and he knows it is good. Just a matter of helping him recognize and have confidence that this is the answer and the truth that he has been looking for. 

Great quote of the week…….."Don't think less of yourself, just think less about yourself."

And one last story...we had dinner with a family this week and we read a verse from the scriptures and asked the family a question...the father of the home (who is very reserved and quiet) then speaks up and discusses a gospel principle and then continues into a speech of the importance of missionary work, and what our responsibility is as missionaries, and starts to tell his kids the effectiveness of working with members and how much of an influence they can have on the work and how he has been thinking of doing missionary work lately and what his plans are and on and on and on....Sister Whittier and I were both like,  "Yep, just keep it comin." 

So glad to hear that everyone made it home safely. Enjoy the fresh start of a new semester of school and work and everything that will occur in this new year! Have a wonderful week and work as hard as you can! I love the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. 

Love you all so very much!  Sister Davis
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