Monday, March 31, 2014


Dearest, loved and never forgotten family! 

My heart is so full. I always read your emails before I write because you all fill me up. I am beyond happy right now and look a bit like a nerd just looking at this screen and smiling! It’s a beautiful thing to read all of your emails and feel the spirit in your heart. I love each one of you. 

Sister Davis and I studied about "how the trials our investigators are facing are helping them." WHoooH. It was almost un-imaginable to realize the challenges and struggles they are facing. BUT it has been very humbling, knowing that it is a requirement to use and apply the atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives to return to live in our Heavenly Father's presence. 

Debbie and Randy are staying strong as best they can. We stopped by this past week and Debbie tells us she has read five chapters in the gospel principles book, all of 3 Nephi 11, the restoration pamphlet and just needs to finish the questions (and she already knows the answers). And she then asks "What would you like me to read next?" (keep in mind, all we have taught this couple is one lesson, that being the restoration) Randy then tells us that he has decided to quit smoking on his own for financial and health reasons (not to even mention it is a commandment of God)!!!!! Our jaws dropped to the ground. Although they are struggling with many personal things at this time so if you could keep them in your sincere deepest thoughts and prayers. We are not sure how to best help them at this time. They have the deepest desire to come closer to Christ in every way! 

EDGAR URIBE WAS BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED! See the pictures below. After his baptism he said "I just can't stop smiling, I am so happy!" We are now teaching his cousin, Michelle and her three daughters as well!

Holly is an investigator we just met this week! Her and her mother Jude were asking question after question in our lesson. We couldn't even keep up with our responses. Jude was able to attend church this past week and loved it! WOW Even after receiving not the best of response from her husband, Holly still understood and knew that this was good and she desired to continue learning. However, Satan just continues to work hard on these individuals. Continue to pray for Holly as well! 

WE ATTENDED THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK! JP is an individual Sister Davis worked with and he just received his endowment this past Thurs! WOW I was able to have a lesson with JP on an exchange with Sister Davis months was incredible to see the change from the very beginning to now. That is the atonement of Jesus Christ...healing, changing, forming, improving, and enhancing the lives of the Children of God.

Chrissy has an amazing story! She was tossed from home to home when she was younger, met Sara (a youth in our ward) in a Spanish class in high school, Sara offered Chrissy a place to stay at Christmas, Sara's parents then became Chrissy's legal guardians, and now Chrissy is learning about the eternal blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. After not talking to God in over 5 years, she is now reading the Book of Mormon, praying and understanding that she has a Heavenly Father that loves her. Can you imagine hearing that for the first time? "You have a Heavenly Father who loves you and wants you to return home to live with him."

We soaked up the Women's Conference on Saturday evening. I feel so lucky being a daughter of God and getting just a taste of Conference before it actually comes. WOW. We heard from those who know our Heavenly Father, who know His plan inside and out, who know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World. It is crucial that we listen and obey their words. They are from our Heavenly Father. 

Sister Davis is a superstar. We have now become the unstoppable Dynamic Davis Duo. And we will continue to be together for at least another six weeks. HUZZAAHHH! I am beyond grateful for someone who corrects me, who leads me by the hand, who teaches me agency, accountability, determination and so much more. 

The scripture in the subject has hit home this week. No matter where we are physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, we must worship God in spirit and in truth, with our full and honest hearts. If we do, we will be building the Kingdom of God and preparing it for when Christ's will come again. There is NO time to waste. 

Much love to each one of you. I am grateful for you prayers…..sincerely grateful for your thoughts and prayers. THANK YOU. The spring has come! Conference Season is here! Prepare, prepare, prepare! 

Ahhh...this is becoming a college paper. Farewell! Love always & all ways, Sister Davis
at the temple with JP!
Edgar's baptism!
edgar and Michelle's three cute girls! A wonderful family we are teaching!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Alma 6:6 "Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that they should gather themselves together oft, and join in fasting and mighty prayers in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God."

Sounds like the springtime snow is there at home! Can't believe spring is already coming. But glad to hear that you are enjoying the mountains. Or the beaches ;) 
It was another wonderful packed week! 
We had an exchange with the sisters we live with. Sister Call and Sister Haight! They are iIncredible and powerful missionaries. They are currently serving in the YSA ward…. a challenge that I never would have expected on the mission. We met with a member, Elena, who brought to the lesson a question that a classmate had asked her long ago. So we role-played with her to see how we could best answer her friends’ question. It IS nerve wracking to answer questions. We want to represent Christ and we don’t want to give any more bad reputations for His church. But at the end she was ready to answer any question with full confidence. Just takes a little practice…and without practice we may not know how to speak with our friends about the church. 
I also got to go an exchange with Sister Whittier...yes THE Sister Whittier who was my companion in Garden Ridge! She is now in Fair Oaks (in the countryside of Texas....very similar to Sedalia actually). She mentioned on exchanges how we need to start correcting ourselves and not use so many abbreviations in the Mormon lingo. We discussed how if we want EVERYONE in the world to truly be a part of Christ's church we must make sure they will feel accepted in his church and they will feel comfortable. If we are always using "Mormon lingo" it could be taken as an inside joke or something we might be hiding from them. Sister Whittier is an incredible missionary. It was so great to see how much we’ve learned on our own in just the couple months of being a part form each other. 
This past week on exchanges, Sister Call and I had a wonderful dinner with a gentlemen named Brother O'Bannion. WOW He has served in the church in so many ways and he is currently serving as the President of the Area Public Affairs. (I believe that is the proper title). He is currently working with the community to get the church more involved in community activities and service projects. WOW One example of this...our stake is doing a multi-faith choir….getting multiple churches in the area to join us in a community choir! Makes my mind go crazy to think of all the ways we as missionaries can be involved in the community and how I can be involved when I go back home! SO EXCITING 
We are biking this week and loving it! It brings back many great memories.
1) OLIVIA: so for the past couple week we have been trying to get in touch with a woman who has wanted to come to church. We have stopped by and called….. nothin’. So we are walking out of a lesson and this woman yells..."Are you sisters? Sisters?" Usually we have only gotten this when people see our last names ;) So we introduce ourselves and she says, “I am Olivia.....(jaw drop). So she took us back to our car and Sister Davis (as she is always so on top of things) pulls up a Mormon Message on Olivia's phone to watch with her. As we watched the spirit filled the car! AHHHH…..and angels were surrounding her. We will be going back to help her move down the street on Tues! I'll keep you posted. 
2) HARRELL: We were walking around an apartment complex and the thought came to me to go knock on the door of a member that had just moved out (to see who had just moved in). So we walked over and passed a gentlemen working at the complex. We smiled, said hello, and moved on (hoping not to get questioned - not sure why) Then the thought came to Sister Davis to go knock on some apartments around a potential. As we were just about to approach the potential the same worker comes around the corner..."Are you from the Mormon church? Are you missionaries?" His name was Harrell....a potential in the area book that we have been trying to get a hold of for the longest time. 
3) CHRISSY: She was just legally adopted by a family in the ward. She has been bounced around to several different homes. She associates church with some bad experiences that occurred in the past. However...we she had some terrific moments this past week...she attended mutual where they played some good ole volleyball and she was the star of the team. And then we had a lesson with her on Thursday and she said she would like to continue learning and she would love to come to church. The gospel can change hearts. TRULY!
EDGAR WILL BE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND! Pray that everything planned works out just how Heavenly Father would like it to. The Elders have been teaching him. (because he preferred to be taught by Elders.) But he will be baptized into the San Antonio 9th Ward!
What a week....I wish to share more but I feel you may be bored from reading. Thank you for reading and making it to the end. CONGRATS! 
Know that I LOVE each one of you. I pray for you each individually and the circumstances you are in right now. May you all have the very best week of fun filled activities serving all of God's children! 
OH and if you have the time read Alma 8 and Alma 10 (notice how Alma and Amulek both had the time to help each other even when they were crazy busy. Find the joy in the journey and look up! Our prophets and apostles have taught us well. 

MUCH LOVE TO EACH ONE OF YOU! Sincerely, Sister Davis
Sister Whittier and I.....I got to do exchanges with my former companion!
Typical Sister Davis 'parking job' (you'll have to guess WHICH Sister Davis)!
Texas Pride! We'd like to think these are not flying at the same height, but who knows?

Monday, March 17, 2014


My goodness, I feel the things I am about to share you won’t believe because they are literally miracles! More than just the hand of God is in this work. He is real, he is here, and he lives. 

Day after day this week I’ve felt that someone opened the flood gates of those who wanted to learn. So many individuals have come to us wanting to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

We just stopped by Walgreens this morning and while waiting, Sister Davis asked a gentleman, who was also waiting, a question. Later in the conversation he asked about our badges and said, “Oooooooh, that explains it…. We have strayed so far from the Christian world! When you first starting talking to me I thought, do I know you? Are you going to rob me? Who are these girls?” It was funny, yet very sad at the same time. Our kindness is scaring people!!!

 "And the world, because of their iniquity, shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him, and he suffereth it; and they smite him, and he suffereth it. Yea, they spit upon him, and he suffereth it, BECAUSE of his loving kindness and his long-suffering towards the children of me." (1 Nephi 19:9)  

Oh, so this week I stopped to write down an address and was too focused on what I was doing and didn’t even notice that I had stopped right on top of  an aunt village who all woke up on the wrong side of the bed! The season of bug bites begins! 

This week we received two media referrals! WOW we were in shock. This is rare. You are a lucky dog if you receive one in a transfer. I will share more with you about this next week with more details. 

Triana texted us this past week (she is the individual who has loved attending church, has  read the Book of Mormon, knows it all is true and knows she needs to be baptized :( She said that after talking with her parents and her priest that she has decided to stop learning, meeting with us, and attending church. Our hearts are torn. I couldn't sleep. I am still learning this principle as you can tell. Don't quite understand, can't quite fathom it. 

BUT I am not complaining because the work is moving forward. It is hard but it's moving. (I guess that means I am doing something right, huh Tuck?) 

Yesterday we met with three amazing and wonderful girls…. Laticia, Amanda, and Adrianna. WOW! They just soaked up the restoration, want to know and come closer to God and want BAPTIZED! Whoohoo! It was so powerful to be able to teach them. How often do we take the opportunity to teach with power and authority? To boldly invite as a representative for the Lord's church? I can't think of a greater calling. 

Overheard the other day……"quick, let the dogs out to attack...the Mormon's are coming..."

I haven’t expressed all the occurred this week but there was one thing after the other every moment of every day.

I go to bed EXHAUSTED every night. The Lord's work is tiring, fulfilling, draining, splendid, and never-ending. I feel as my energy gets lower my heart gets fuller. WOW!

Not sure where the time went. I better go. Thank you all for your heartfelt, sincere emails and prayers. I can feel them and they are making a difference in my life and those we are teaching. I love you all so much and think of you often and tell people about you often. Thank you so very much again!
Always, Always, Sister Davis
Essential missionary tools-a city map and ward directory!
The Davis Sisters!
Adri's friend Kasidy lives here and meets in the same building! so fun to see her!
We all came out together to the mission and are now in the same zone!
we were all comps in the MTC!-S. Davis, S. Reimer and I!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Mother, Father, Jordan, Cirsty, Adri, Tyler, and Tuck! 

It was a week full of joy! My goodness, I am not sure I can express how much I have cried, laughed, smiled, embarrassed myself and so much more this week. Growth feels so good and is so addicting. 

Let me just tell you some exciting news....the missionaries in this ward haven't ever attended ward council for as long as I know of...and this week we were invited by the Bishop to attend ward council!!! My jaw just about dropped. Especially since I have felt like I walk on pins and needles around the ward council. No pressure at all now. Bah!

Tuesday we taught Brother Gleason and it was the most powerful lesson I have had with him. The spirit taught him and if I may say...pierced his soul. We were able to truly find out his concerns, he truly felt what he needed to do to find out if the Book of Mormon was true and understand it. Now we can all just pray that he ACTS!

(Quote from Sister A. Davis "Look at the turning radius of this car....Hurrah for Israel")

We attended a training meeting with President Slaughter, the Assistants and the Head Sister Training Leaders this past week! My goal in be spiritually fit for these meetings. I always feel that I have run a spiritual marathon after training's. I will train every-day so that I can be spiritually fit for these meetings and not be so tired afterwards. Lol… WOW!

I love working with Sister Davis. We are one unstoppable team. Saturday, a member took us out to lunch. Now, it is not the easiest thing when members want to serve but it must not take too long. So after driving around for quite some time to different restaurants that were closed or had a long wait or were not even there anymore, finally the 5th stop we were able to eat. Satan sure was working hard on us and didn’t want us to talk with anyone that day. But you should know that he didn't win. I have learned so much from Sister Davis. She is one who has so much energy no matter how tired she is. I LOVE IT. She continues to keep me going. When headed to our next appointment or assignment, she says, “ok, you drive ,I’ll make calls,” and we are off. By the time we get there we have made several calls and talked with everyone we see along the way and leaving them with the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. This area is about to explode! 

Saturday evening we had a wonderful first lesson with the Austin family, they are all not members. If you would please remember this family in your prayers!?! Brother and Sister Austin, Lucas and Ally. We did a family night and the mother made treats! Ally and Lucas have been involved with the youth for quite some time. There were a couple young women that knew Ally that came with us to share their testimonies. Brother and Sister Austin shared their great appreciation for the youth and the example they have shown to their family. They have looked up to them in so many ways and recognize that this youth group is nothing like any other church they have scouted out. WOW Remember that quote from the general authorities..."the youth play a VITAL role in hastening the work of Salvation." 

Sister Davis and I have been practicing our skills in relating the restoration to anything and everything that anyone speaks of. Last night we had beef enchilada's...."ya know, these enchilada's remind of something we teach to everyone we teach about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ....very similar to how you would make these enchilada's..." 

I feel I am just beginning to feel the fire of this gospel that each one of you tried to explain to me before the mission. WOW. Thank you for example in showing me. I love and cherish the testimony that I have. It is truly my most prized possession.  And the best part about it is that no one can take it away from me, but I can still share it!!!! 

Thank you all for you prayers, your love and your dedication to living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your example shines the most. 

Always, Sister Davis

Monday, March 3, 2014


Dearest Family!
There hasn't been a day gone by that I haven't laughed…. Sister Davis and I have been busy beyond belief but so many incredible events have occurred. We had a power week. 

Monday evening we had an incredible lesson with the Garza family, a family we found from a referral to a referral to a referral!!! (You never know....) The father and mother are incredible. They have four beautiful children. 

This week was Zone Conference, Interviews with President Slaughter and back-to-back exchanges! Can you say ‘spiritually exhausted’? Our cup is overflowing and will continue to overflow. 

We tried some new things this start off with, a couple of weeks ago we stopped by a less-actives home. We met her daughter Angela who attends the local High School here so we decided to bring a couple of the youth with us and we heart attacked their front door. As we were sticking the hearts on, the mother answered the door (this is the only time I have been grateful to be caught). She had a confused look as she opened the door, but then smiled after seeing the hearts. We talked to her for a bit and she opened up quite a bit to us. She was grateful for the love. Turns out, the youth we brought knew Angela and her sister Isabelle from school but had no idea that her mother was a member. (You never know...) There are benefits to being a sister and not an elder. 

Referring to the weather here…. "It feels like Utah here....brrrrrrrrrrrr" -from the California Sister Davis ;)

A couple of weeks ago I shared a story of a family in our ward, the Ipsons, who simply texted their friend Chris, who had been on his mind after Stake Conference. He invited him over for dinner with us. Well the dinner was yesterday!!! It couldn't have been more perfect. Chris grew up with faith and was familiar with the Christian background. He attends a church in town pretty frequently. We shared the message of the restoration of the gospel! The spirit that filled the room was undeniable. You could put a guaranteed stamp on it that Chris felt the spirit and will never forget it. It was the best gift the Ipson's could have given to Chris… not just last night, but for the whole year and it was out of sincere love for a friend. Brother Ipson texted us later that evening saying "...even if Chris doesn't display immediate interest, I am sure I will have future discussions of our beliefs with him....he surely felt the spirit." Someone may not be ready to accept the gospel at this time, but they are ALWAYS ready to feel the spirit. 

We have an outstanding ward and an incredible ward mission leader who is on top of things, a Bishop who is unconditionally loving, and a companion who works to the very last second. I love them all and am extremely grateful for each one. 

The investigators are doing wonderful! If you could keep these individuals in your prayers...Sister Bryce, Triana and the Garza family! I can feel your prayers every day. Truly! WOW Thank you, thank you. And the ‘thank you’s’ even go out to the extended family as well. There are nights when I lay down and think ,“how did I make it through the day?”, and I simply picture all the little cousins kneeling around the coffee table praying, or all the families at dinner...and it was because of them. 

I love you all so very much. Please know that. And as equally importantly, please know that I know this is Christ's church on this earth restored to its complete form. He has given it all to us. Now we are held accountable. As Alma would say to Korhor..."Thou hast had sign enough."
Sincerely, Sister Davis
the Double D's
Dropping off Sister Harmon (hat)