Monday, March 10, 2014


Mother, Father, Jordan, Cirsty, Adri, Tyler, and Tuck! 

It was a week full of joy! My goodness, I am not sure I can express how much I have cried, laughed, smiled, embarrassed myself and so much more this week. Growth feels so good and is so addicting. 

Let me just tell you some exciting news....the missionaries in this ward haven't ever attended ward council for as long as I know of...and this week we were invited by the Bishop to attend ward council!!! My jaw just about dropped. Especially since I have felt like I walk on pins and needles around the ward council. No pressure at all now. Bah!

Tuesday we taught Brother Gleason and it was the most powerful lesson I have had with him. The spirit taught him and if I may say...pierced his soul. We were able to truly find out his concerns, he truly felt what he needed to do to find out if the Book of Mormon was true and understand it. Now we can all just pray that he ACTS!

(Quote from Sister A. Davis "Look at the turning radius of this car....Hurrah for Israel")

We attended a training meeting with President Slaughter, the Assistants and the Head Sister Training Leaders this past week! My goal in be spiritually fit for these meetings. I always feel that I have run a spiritual marathon after training's. I will train every-day so that I can be spiritually fit for these meetings and not be so tired afterwards. Lol… WOW!

I love working with Sister Davis. We are one unstoppable team. Saturday, a member took us out to lunch. Now, it is not the easiest thing when members want to serve but it must not take too long. So after driving around for quite some time to different restaurants that were closed or had a long wait or were not even there anymore, finally the 5th stop we were able to eat. Satan sure was working hard on us and didn’t want us to talk with anyone that day. But you should know that he didn't win. I have learned so much from Sister Davis. She is one who has so much energy no matter how tired she is. I LOVE IT. She continues to keep me going. When headed to our next appointment or assignment, she says, “ok, you drive ,I’ll make calls,” and we are off. By the time we get there we have made several calls and talked with everyone we see along the way and leaving them with the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. This area is about to explode! 

Saturday evening we had a wonderful first lesson with the Austin family, they are all not members. If you would please remember this family in your prayers!?! Brother and Sister Austin, Lucas and Ally. We did a family night and the mother made treats! Ally and Lucas have been involved with the youth for quite some time. There were a couple young women that knew Ally that came with us to share their testimonies. Brother and Sister Austin shared their great appreciation for the youth and the example they have shown to their family. They have looked up to them in so many ways and recognize that this youth group is nothing like any other church they have scouted out. WOW Remember that quote from the general authorities..."the youth play a VITAL role in hastening the work of Salvation." 

Sister Davis and I have been practicing our skills in relating the restoration to anything and everything that anyone speaks of. Last night we had beef enchilada's...."ya know, these enchilada's remind of something we teach to everyone we teach about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ....very similar to how you would make these enchilada's..." 

I feel I am just beginning to feel the fire of this gospel that each one of you tried to explain to me before the mission. WOW. Thank you for example in showing me. I love and cherish the testimony that I have. It is truly my most prized possession.  And the best part about it is that no one can take it away from me, but I can still share it!!!! 

Thank you all for you prayers, your love and your dedication to living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your example shines the most. 

Always, Sister Davis

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