Monday, March 3, 2014


Dearest Family!
There hasn't been a day gone by that I haven't laughed…. Sister Davis and I have been busy beyond belief but so many incredible events have occurred. We had a power week. 

Monday evening we had an incredible lesson with the Garza family, a family we found from a referral to a referral to a referral!!! (You never know....) The father and mother are incredible. They have four beautiful children. 

This week was Zone Conference, Interviews with President Slaughter and back-to-back exchanges! Can you say ‘spiritually exhausted’? Our cup is overflowing and will continue to overflow. 

We tried some new things this start off with, a couple of weeks ago we stopped by a less-actives home. We met her daughter Angela who attends the local High School here so we decided to bring a couple of the youth with us and we heart attacked their front door. As we were sticking the hearts on, the mother answered the door (this is the only time I have been grateful to be caught). She had a confused look as she opened the door, but then smiled after seeing the hearts. We talked to her for a bit and she opened up quite a bit to us. She was grateful for the love. Turns out, the youth we brought knew Angela and her sister Isabelle from school but had no idea that her mother was a member. (You never know...) There are benefits to being a sister and not an elder. 

Referring to the weather here…. "It feels like Utah here....brrrrrrrrrrrr" -from the California Sister Davis ;)

A couple of weeks ago I shared a story of a family in our ward, the Ipsons, who simply texted their friend Chris, who had been on his mind after Stake Conference. He invited him over for dinner with us. Well the dinner was yesterday!!! It couldn't have been more perfect. Chris grew up with faith and was familiar with the Christian background. He attends a church in town pretty frequently. We shared the message of the restoration of the gospel! The spirit that filled the room was undeniable. You could put a guaranteed stamp on it that Chris felt the spirit and will never forget it. It was the best gift the Ipson's could have given to Chris… not just last night, but for the whole year and it was out of sincere love for a friend. Brother Ipson texted us later that evening saying "...even if Chris doesn't display immediate interest, I am sure I will have future discussions of our beliefs with him....he surely felt the spirit." Someone may not be ready to accept the gospel at this time, but they are ALWAYS ready to feel the spirit. 

We have an outstanding ward and an incredible ward mission leader who is on top of things, a Bishop who is unconditionally loving, and a companion who works to the very last second. I love them all and am extremely grateful for each one. 

The investigators are doing wonderful! If you could keep these individuals in your prayers...Sister Bryce, Triana and the Garza family! I can feel your prayers every day. Truly! WOW Thank you, thank you. And the ‘thank you’s’ even go out to the extended family as well. There are nights when I lay down and think ,“how did I make it through the day?”, and I simply picture all the little cousins kneeling around the coffee table praying, or all the families at dinner...and it was because of them. 

I love you all so very much. Please know that. And as equally importantly, please know that I know this is Christ's church on this earth restored to its complete form. He has given it all to us. Now we are held accountable. As Alma would say to Korhor..."Thou hast had sign enough."
Sincerely, Sister Davis
the Double D's
Dropping off Sister Harmon (hat)

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