Monday, January 13, 2014



What a powerful week! "For in his strength I can do all things." was repeated over and over again in my head.

In Garden Ridge: 

We were able to teach George R. again and it was the first time that Sister Riaz (George's sister) was able to hear her brother pray. WOW. Tears streamed down her face as she was telling us. It was incredible how powerful the spirit is to bind families together. The image of all of us in the temple together at Adri's wedding crossed my mind. How grateful I am for that experience and so many more to come! That memory will never leave my heart. 

De la Garza Family: As we rode home with Sister de la Garza she was telling us of some conversations she was having with Brother de la Garza before they got married. She expressed how her greatest desire in life is to go to the temple and be sealed as a family, but she also explained that some other things had to occur before that could happen. Brother de la Garza so gently expressed to her that he would love to take her to the temple, but not until he feels that change of heart, until he knows he is not just doing it for her, but for more important reasons. WOW So powerful how he understands the gift of agency and how to use it wisely. 

WELCOME BROTHER BETANCOURT into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! He was baptized and confirmed this past week! I will send pictures soon. He is ready to take off and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and live it fully! 

So on to the San Antonio 9th Ward (San Antonio West Stake) I’ve moved from the East to the West
My New Address
12330 Vance Jackson Apt 7202
San Antonio, TX 78230

Not too far from Garden Ridge (only about 30min) My new companion is Sister Harmon! She is absolutely wonderful. She heads home this transfer, bittersweet I am sure. Another bittersweet.......we are in a car, but good news, we live with another set of sisters! So cool! 

This ward is on fire with Missionary Work though! It is crazy. Our Ward Mission Leader moved from Chicago about 6 months ago and is just moving forward so quickly. Our Bishop began sacrament meeting with announcing the Ward Mission Plan and extending the challenge for everyone to continue inviting! 

We have so many wonderful individuals here who want to soak up the gospel. Angela is a friend of a member here, Sister Lee (her family was on The District). She mentioned how the first few times she invited Angela to church she declined, but she continued to invite her to other activities and events. Angela mentioned the first time she really felt at home was when she attended an activity and all the ward members came up to introduce themselves and made sure she felt welcomed! Holy Smokes. It is not us missionaries, it’s the magic touch of the members. Also, this was so cooooool....she told Sister Lee the other day that people at work saw her reading the book of mormon and started poking jokes at her and making fun of her, and she just sat up a little straighter and defended herself and most importantly Christ's church! Oh snap! 

Wow, we have an even shorter time to email so I am sorry to cut this short but I wish the best for you all and I love you so much! Continue to pray like crazy for those missionary opportunities, and please them all…. even the little ones. I would love to hear them. And the people of Texas would love to hear them as well! 

Much Love Always, Sister Davis

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