Monday, December 16, 2013


Family, family, family! 

The miracles just never end! It was a fulfilling week …..that is for sure. 

Sandy has been doing incredible...she gave us ‘whoopie cookies’ this week....and Mom, it made me think of your favorite toy, the ‘whoopie cushion’. But great news, during the lessons, instead of laughing when we invited her to church, she said "I will be there, I really want to go, I am trying to get Billy to go...I will ask him this week." Say what? It is hard not to be in total shock when those things occur and scream and shout in the lesson…….. (victory dance J)

We were blessed to teach Vanessa twice this week! It is difficult to meet with her but every time we do it is so worth the wait. She has such strong faith and loves everything she is learning. There are a few others we have been teaching that have been struggling to leave their past lives of Catholicism to live a new and greater life. They just don't know how great it will be. I often found myself in this trap in High School……afraid……afraid to ask if we could stop listening to a certain music in the car for fear they will not be a friend anymore (when really they will respect you as an even greater friend), afraid to leave a conversation for fear of not fitting in…..and the list goes on. And still to this day it is not any easier. Fear of inviting someone to be baptized with a date...they will think it is too close, or you are pushing them. In reality you are only denying yourself and them of salvation when you don't invite. 

Its Christmas next week! The Joy the season brings to us all! Soak it up.

I learned how powerful Satan is, but how much more power the spirit has. We taught a girl we met a couple weeks ago, Claire. Her example enlightened me to do and become something even greater. She shared with us how much faith is required for her along this journey. She reads and prays with an incredible open heart, but still every moment she has to resist temptation to push out her logical and scientific thoughts, and her worries of confronting her family. The stronger her faith becomes, the harder Satan works. But instead of tearing her down, it is only making her stronger.

I also learned a lot about desire, and how the spirit can change the desire of our hearts. Claire has a great desire to know and learn, but we met another individual this week, Lorenzo. When we first met him he did not have much a desire to know and to learn. But as it says in Alma 5, the spirit and the power of the Book of Mormon can change that. We can align our desires more with God! 

Oh and my was wonderful! We have some sisters from another area living with us b/c their apartment flooded, sadly enough. So one of those sisters made some delicious scones for breakfast and attempted to make a cake...but apparently only the broiler works....the cake was burnt on top and liquid on bottom. Whoops. But it was still a happy birthday with lots of laughs. 

I know this is Christ's restored church on this earth. As we testify of it to others and share our knowledge with them they will want the spirit in their lives. We must do what we have been not only asked but commanded to do as members of his church and representatives, what we covenanted at our baptism to preach the gospel to all the nations. I know we can do all things in his strength! 

I love you all so very much! Please be safe in your travels this week!

Wow this was a looooonnng one....apologies. Love you, Sister Davis
Sisters who stayed with us for a while.....their apt. flooded...whoops!
gifts from a ward member-fluorescent vests so we are even more of a target!  haha!
Oh, Christmas Tree!

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