Monday, December 30, 2013



Oh it was so great. Thank you, thank you. It sounds like it was a party back home!

It sounds like you had an awesome week though...too much fun. Thank you so much again for all the wonderful gifts. They have already been put to good use.

Well since we last talked I got another flat (total of 4 now!) New bike tires...Christmas gifts to myself. 

Well I shared with you the first part of my as far as the second half goes…...

We went back to see a family we caroled to with some ward members, The Hindry's, and they are amazing! A Christ centered home and they are excited to learn even more about Christ. She called us “servants of the Lord”!

We had an amazing Sacrament meeting. It was centered on Elder Uchtdorf's talk, "Come Join With Us" and the Book of Mormon…… all centered around missionary work! My perspective and purpose in this life has flipped 180 degrees. So many things don’t matter so much anymore…… and so many others matter more. 

Oh, the other day I was cutting some peppers that I thought were just some normal green peppers, well after I touched my eye, found out they were not just some normal green peppers. 

IT IS GOING TO BE A NEW YEAR! My thoughts are crazy of what my new goals are, new challenges etc. etc. It is so neat to see in the gospel that we are continually "starting anew." We have had the privilege of getting to know many Catholics and learning about their background. They have expressed that the gospel is different in the sense that we are continually progressing, learning, and moving forward, whereas there is a lot of routine and repetition in the Catholic faith. As I think back on my time in Jerusalem, almost every church we visited was very similar in this way. What a blessing it is to be learning new things every day, receiving new revelation and inspiration every time we open the scriptures or listen to someone called of God to lead us and guide us. 

Well I am sorry for not updating you all on our investigators...... they are literally ALL out of town for the Holidays. But we have been finding some new ones which has been an incredible blessing. 

I love this work with all my heart. WOW. It is so incredible. I love seeing smiles when people understand it, when people see the light of the Book of Mormon. Often times in lessons we only get to see a glimpse of the joy they feel when they are reading on their own. But that little glimpse of joy is so incredible. I love the thrill the spirit brings to our hearts, and our desire to learn more, our desire to become better. I know this joy come directly from our Heavenly Father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I know Christ's church has been restored to this earth with the priesthood authority. 

I love every one of you and thank you, thank you again for your prayers, and your love and your support. I can truly feel an army behind me when talking with others and inviting them to live the gospel. Thank you. 

Always, Sister Davis

our "Merry Christmas" photo!
Tim Tam Slams on Christmas Eve!
Watching "Finding Faith in Christ" on Christmas Eve!

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