Monday, November 25, 2013


"The farther back we look at our mission, the more it means to us." (Elder Golden) 

AHHH it was such a spectacular week! Transfers are this week on Thanksgiving! BUT good news! I will be staying here in what has come to be my home, Garden Ridge Ward, for the holidays with wonderful Sister Whittier at my side. Super excited about it. She keeps me in line and in check with every detail of missionary work. I am so grateful for her dedication to the work. 

What a blessing and miracle to hear from a member of the seventy this week, Elder Golden. 

I want to share with you some wonderful things he spoke to us about: (1) "The field is white already to harvest." He specifically promised us multiple times that there are people in our areas ready to be baptized today…… it is just a matter of us finding them. (2) When are you greatest in the sight of the Lord??? When you are doing something the Lord has commanded you to do because you want to and are excited to OR when you are doing something the Lord has commanded you to do even though you don’t want to do it! The latter, THAT is having faith in Christ.” (3) “The Holy Ghost is ALWAYS with us. It is just a matter of if we are tuned into it or not. When we feel it in a meeting or reading or praying, that is when we are tuned into it.” (4) Last of all, he mentioned how there has been a bump-up in missionary work. In our mission, every ward has at least one set of missionaries and in many cases 2 or more sets. We must take advantage of this opportunity to be able to train and work so closely with the members and assist them in the work. Many did not have opportunities to serve missions and many have questions and worries and fears of how to hasten the work even though they may want to. We can help in 'training' them to help us. "Help them, help me, help you!" And so much more…………

After listening to Elder Golden, President Slaughter shared a thought with us that described the meeting perfectly.  He said, "How Gentle God's Command". So profound. That’s exactly how we felt we had been taught and what it was like sitting close to Elder Golden and hearing his counsel. 

We had an amazing lesson with a lady named Sandy (see picture). We have been teaching her for a bit now. I was a worried the whole lesson just praying like crazy for the spirit to touch her heart. And then at the end of the lesson she said the most beautiful prayer. She mentioned for the first time that she noticed we had a peace and happiness and asked Heavenly Father to allow her to find that same happiness, she mentioned she was grateful for us coming and being persistent yet patient and so much more. It may or may not have brought a few tears to my eyes. 

I could go on forever about miracles that happen every day like this. WOW 

Ok one more: there is a truth behind this madness. We would be dead in this work without the members and their influence they have on people. This past week we were striving to get a girl named Bruna to progress. She is neighbors to a family in the ward, the Bates, and in-between visits she was able to ask the Bates questions, they offered to give her a ride to church and to come to other activities, they saved a spot for her at church and have been a true friend to her. We have noticed a difference in the progression of those we have taught…. that those who have friends in the gospel and those who struggle trying to get to know people in the church. Huge difference! Some members have gone the extra mile to be a friend to those investigators we have and to be so welcoming. (oh, and another thing Sandy mentioned she was grateful for in her prayer - the love she felt from the member that came to the lesson)

Quote from Sister Slaughter "Many things are done by great people, even though they don't "feel" like doing it."

Just some numbers if you are curious that we heard at the training. We have in our mission 260 missionaries (194 Elders and 64 Sisters - 146 English and 114 Spanish) 

Holy cow this is forever long. Last of all, I know without a doubt this is Christ church on this earth, our Heavenly Father loves me and you. Thank you for all your support. Not a day goes by that I don't think of grateful I am that you taught me particular principles of the gospel. There is just no time to write them all down.

Much love to you all,
Sister Davis

Its freezing here, btw...weirdest thing ever! It’s like its being in the mountains…… it’s that cold when you walk outside, yet, it rains and rains and rains, but there is no ice or snow on the ground. I am wearing my rain boots you told me to get though Adri, thank you, and I finally used my raincoat for the first time! 
Sandy and Billy!
Modeling my new b-day dress from grandma!
Yep! They have Sweet Potato Awareness Month here!
A cold, rainy day....luckily it was our day to have the car!

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