Monday, November 4, 2013



This week was crazy...but soooo, soooo cool! And FYI, Did you know that gas prices are under $3 down here? More money gets to go toward the missionary ipad fund now!

Remember Vanessa? Well a miracle happened this week...she’s had a fear of attending church things because she "doesn't know anyone." Well, she went to young women’s this week and LOVED IT! She texted us afterwards and said it went great and everyone was so kind and she is going to girls camp and a dance and babysitting for a family in the ward and...and...and…and etc. It was so awesome. She texted us telling she has been reading and is stoked to tell us about it too. The joy never ends.

We had the Gladys Knight/Saints Unified Voices presentation this past weekend. SPECTACULAR! I say. We got to attend with a less-active in the ward, and also with a couple of investigators, Joe and Nilsa. The choir was singing like crazy and then Gladys Knight shared her conversion story and her testimony of Christ and His church. At first I had that worry in the fore-front of my mind of, “oh my, what are all these non-members thinking”?...., but by the end, I was so engulfed in everything and forgot my companion was even next to me. I learned so much from attending. First of all, I need more passion and excitement in my belief in Christ! Secondly, this is the truth, so I better not in any way be shy or timid to share it with anyone! I have a lot of lame excuses come to my mind of why we shouldn't approach someone or invite them and I am learning that they all come from the enemy.

This past week we approached a referral house at about 7:30pm and it was already dark outside and this house looked like it had no lights on inside...and I said to Sister Whittier, “I don’t want to wake them up”. (It's 7:30, who has a bedtime of 7:30pm?) She responds, "Is that an excuse?" Indeed it was. We ended up teaching him and are going back later this week! Those missionaries from the MTC have so much faith...I love it!

If you ever get a free moment, check out the Saints Unified Voices website ( I believe. And if they have a sample of Gladys Knight speaking on there, check it out. She is a powerful speaker. I wish I could describe how amazing it was, but there are no words.

I love this gospel and the feeling we get whenever we are following Him. I know it is His church.

Sister Davis

OH WAIT I funny! So we are on bikes now for half the week...and we got caught in the rain one evening. Well Texas rain is like nothing else. It just pours! So we are riding along and realize that we probably should not take the downhill corner turn in the rain as fast as we are going...but didn't think of this until the last sec. Yep, we just landed gracefully and slid all the way down the hill. Man I wish I could someone got a video of it and I could send it to you. Lol! This might be why so many prayers are said for the missionaries, because at times they can be a bit “blonde”.
Dolphin Kisses!-Sea World

We received 'a fennel'. What does one do with a Fennel?

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