Monday, November 11, 2013



Well it was Veterans day. Don't have tons of time because we are at a member’s home. Yep...and the kiddos here don’t have school and the library is closed! Say what? That is how big the military is here in SA.

Miracle upon miracle this week. We had so many teaching opportunities. Wow! We cannot ask for more when that occurs. There were a few individuals who attended the Gladys Knight presentation who we were able to drop off the little gifts off to. So amazing! 

One member talked in Stake Conference about her process of inviting friends to the Gladys Knight presentation. So much prayer and thought went into it. Incredible! Well, we were able to deliver one of the packages to her friend and it was incredible to see how prepared and receptive she was to the gospel. We are hoping to meet and teach her family this week! Just as Elder Ballard said in conference ….how critical prayer is and how it can heal our fear of sharing and talking about the gospel with others. 

We have incredible members in this ward who are all so excited about sharing the gospel with their friends and we love to ask them how their friends are doing, what new non-member friends they have made, and what their next step is with them. 

My eyes were truly opened this week of how many blind spots I had when I was younger. 

1) Bruna is the next door neighbor of a member in our ward. She has had a lot of past history with the church, but we met her, not through the member, but through the Gladys Knight presentation. We never know when those right next door to us our prepared! All we can do is invite as we are asked to and they may be the one our Heavenly Father has been preparing. 

2) Sister Driscoll is a convert in our ward. She joined when she was in High School and just this past Sunday shared her conversion story. She mentioned something so powerful that I hope to never forget. She said she had been searching ever since she was a little girl for something she felt was missing. She was introduced to the gospel by a knock on the door, BUT when she attended church and was sitting in the pews for the first time, she looked over and saw her best friend from school...the thought that entered her mind was, "you have the greatest blessing in life and you did not tell me about it?" She said her biggest fear is getting to the other side and having one of her friends tell her, "you had the greatest blessing in life and you didn't tell me about it?"

The knowledge I have now of the "great importance to make these things known" I wish I had had when I was younger. But all we can do is move forward with that knowledge and make different choices now. That fear of sharing when I was younger only came from the adversary and it just doesn't matter anymore, this is so much more important. 

I love you all so very much. Wow. Thank you for the letters and emails. Oh, they are like sweet treats to me. So good and they give me so much more of a push to keep going the next week. Thank you, thank you. 

always always,

Sister Davis

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