Monday, October 28, 2013


What a week of good solid fun! We met some incredible people and had some incredible experiences. Too bad the evil forces in the world today are just getting stronger and stronger. Just means we need stronger and stronger men and women in God's army.

We had some incredible experiences this week! Wednesday we had training on a spectacular event that is coming up! Not sure if you’ve heard or seen these things around but...The Church is putting on a presentation of music and testimony with Gladys Knight (the real one with the pips) and she will be directing her Grammy Award Winning Choir , "The Saints Unified Voices." and Sister Knight and her husband will be sharing their conversion stories! It is going to be so sweeeeeeeet. Most importantly, the non-members who are coming will have the time of their life. It is a missionary oriented program, so basically the members have to bring a non-member to attend. They are doing 4 presentations, each with 1,500 seats. We will keep you posted on how everything goes and what comes of it!

Oh and ps, you should send the word along to the Stake Presidents. This program only goes to places where they are invited and they have to be invited by a Stake President or Mission President because its lots of work for the members and the missionaries they say...really it is just blessing their friends with this great gift of the gospel and making missionary work easier for the members and missionaries.

We spent a lot of the week inviting individuals to the Gladys Knight presentation. And it was a great success!

MIRACLE OF THE WEEK! A couple months ago, a family we were teaching (The Hokenson's) texted us saying “this church is not for us”. Well, we stopped by to invite them to the Gladys Knight presentation and the mother let us in and I asked her what her thoughts were on the church and where she and her husband stood. She said. “we are still open and still searching for a good family church.  My husband has been asking if you guys have stopped by lately and we still read the Book of Mormon every once in a while......????? I was like in pure shock - so cool though. These moments are so powerful because it shows that with all those we associate with, we NEED to invite them not just once or twice but multiple times because we never know when they will accept or when their minds and hearts will be changed to a more accepting or searching mode.

I love you all so much! I pray for you every day and love to read your letters. Thank you thank you so much for them! Have a tremendous week.


Sister Davis
Spotted this gem recently!

Halloween deco and pumpkin cookies from my momma!

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