Monday, October 14, 2013



Well it was an eventful week! Not much time to email today, so sorry. But it was an ‘oh so eventful week’. First off, Sister Hearne is getting transferred this week :( She will be the Sister Training Leader over all the Sister Training Leaders. What? So amazing! She isn't headed too far away from here though.....just up to the North Zone, (I am in the East Zone) about 15 min from us! But wow, thought I would get to be with her for a bit longer, but hey, Heavenly Father has something more in store.

The Garden Ridge Ward is amazing. I can't believe I get to stay here a bit longer. We went on exchanges this past week and you won't believe who I went with..........SISTER ALEY DAVIS! Yep, sure did! We went and worked in her area for the day. So cool! I will get a picture to you soon. Wow, what an awesome day it was. We taught a lot of different people and she is on fire. It brought back the good old times of teaching together in the MTC. I learn so much from her teaching because she has so much excitement and passion in her teaching.

Also cool news... there is a family in our ward the Berrin Family. They are converts and have two sons who are ‘anti-Mormon’ and live crazy lives. Because of the choices of one of these sons, their grand-daughter, Vanessa, had chosen to live with her grandparents. However her father and step-mother slowly pulled her away from attending church with her grandparents, the Berrin's. So she is now 14 and hasn't attended church since she was old enough to choose not to. Well, we have been going to see Vanessa and getting to know her. Last week we asked if we could teach her. She gladly accepted, and best part of all......her mother agreed to it and said we could!!! You can definitely see the light of Christ in her eyes and she is longing for this in her life after a rough childhood and being tossed around in her family.

This past weekend was one of those rare times you get as a missionary. It is like finding gold, after sifting for hours and hours in the river. (Not like I know how that feels, but hey.) So many people we talked to expressed their desire to learn more, their desire and need for the spirit in their lives, and the happiness they feel after listening and reading. WOW. It was so cool. After working for quite a while, there is nothing like hearing the comment "I feel good right now" or "We are excited."  Simple, but profound!

I love you so much family! Thank you for your love. I am praying for you every day! Hope all is going well.
 Always, Sister Davis

QoW: What things do you wish you would have done earlier in your life as a young adult to inspire, uplift, influence and encourage other members to the work of salvation?!? (JUST ANSWER IT)

We won a 'rap' contest with the Elders and they treated us to lunch here!

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