Monday, October 21, 2013


Holy Smokes! It was a week full of awesomeness! Sister Hearne is off to be the Sister AP if you wish to call it that). And Sister Whittier just arrived this past week! She is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. I just learned there is such a thing as potato pancakes! She is so awesome and a missionary that is on fire!

News of the week.......did you know that the Stake Presidency is given a specific topic for Stake Conference?......and guess what it is about this time??? HASTENING THE WORK OF SALVATION! Darn right. I feel like if we haven't jumped on board the train of missionary work yet, or don't do so soon, it will pass by us like crazy and we will miss it.

It was a tough week but also rewarding. Heavenly Father loves us even in those moments when we sometimes don't feel like expressing our love to him. I thought it was so cool how someone in conference mentioned that no matter your talents, abilities, trials, successes, disabilities, the amount Heavenly Father loves us doesn't ever change. He loves us more than we can ever imagine at our highest points in life and yes indeed, at our lowest points in life too.

I have been so blessed to stay in this area over a long period of time to see the progress that has occured here. Different missionaries come and go, but overall, little by little, I have seen the progress of each individual. I feel like we often expect change quickly because we hear and remember those stories where change occurred over night. But hey, there are so many people who are progressing step by step. There was one less-active individual who rejected us at his door months ago when I was with Sister Elliott. We went back this week and he sounded interested in coming to activities, say what? There was another individual who would continue to do dishes and cook while we said a prayer with his family months ago, and now he is kneeling with us in prayer.

I was just reviewing my conference notes and it was outstanding to remember the great challenges we were given as members to become like our Heavenly Father. So I am curious to hear what different things are happening in your lives and in your wards regarding missionary work. What experiences you are having and what ideas are being bounced around??? Yes, I will continue to ask until you tell me.

I love you all so much, and holy cow! thanks so much for all the emails and letters. I love them and love you as well.

Love Sincerely, Sister Davis
with Sister Whittier at the temple!

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