Monday, October 7, 2013


 Well so awesome to hear you all are doing well and are safe, (ahem). As Dad always says, “no news is good news”!

What a powerful week here! I loved every moment. We had some incredible lessons with a couple of families this week and they were tre-mend-ous even though our return appointments fell through. What the prophets and apostles said in conference and what it repeats in Preach My Gospel over and over again is 100% true. It is our responsibility to invite, and allow people to FEEL the spirit, but we cannot make or force them to accept the gospel. Everyone is ready to feel the spirit, maybe not ready to accept it, but ready to feel it. We can always feel Heavenly Fathers love. I am reminded of an experience I had my first week in the MTC. We came out of our very first lesson with our "progressing investigator" and I freaked. I felt like I hadn't taught him a single thing. My teacher just grabbed me by the arms and said "Did he feel loved?" I was a bit in shock at what she had asked, but that question has stuck in my mind every time I walk away from a lesson or an opportunity to talk with someone on the street. That is all that matters when we invite…. did they feel our love for them and most importantly did they feel our Heavenly Father's love for them?

We met with a man named Craig this past weekend. WOW, so cool. He is slowly gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. He reads it every day and prays to know if it is true. He is one who is crazy busy with family, life, and work yet wants to know if it is true. In all honesty I have been at fault many times for not understanding when people want to learn more. I doubt their desire. It made me think of times in the past when I have doubted whether someone wanted to hear about what I know to be true. It is pure fear. I didn't want to invite or tell them what I know that may help them love their siblings or parents more. I am slowly learning that it’s not important to worry about when they may want to hear, but rather how can I share how I feel about the gospel today? Because it is possible to do it today! Lately, President Slaughter has been emphasizing "faith-based questions."  An example would be, instead of asking, "Do you know of anyone who you could share this peace with?" asking instead, "Which of your co-workers is most ready to hear about this message of peace?" So cool! Every time I ask someone a question, I now try to catch myself when it’s a question with absolutely no faith involved in it. Do we expect them to accept? Or do we expect them to reject? If I am not mistaken, I believe this is a sales tactic as well. Who knew that these are eternal principles applicable to all circumstances?!?

Enough ranting...Conference was spectacular! My goodness where is this world headed? Learned so much and I hope you all did as well. And I sure hope you paid attention to those 5 million talks on missionary work also! Oh and please oh please oh please, when you have those missionary experiences, I would LOVE to hear about them. Anything……. big or small!

Well I guess you didn't hear much about my week, more of just all my thoughts this week. Just know it was a great one filled with many faith-building experiences. This week to come will be crazy awesome. You will hear more about it next week.

Wish you all the very best! 
Love Always, Sister Davis 

fun with Sister Hearne!
and more fun.....
missionary work is way fun!

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