Monday, September 30, 2013


It was a week full of so much excitement. On P-days we have gotten to play sports almost every week. My companion is one who can't stay inside for longer than we need to!!!

The "new idea" is not so new just an old one that we enriched and built up and introduced to the members as a new idea so they will be stoked for the work. We are trying to set up family nights with all the members in the ward (active and inactive) and have them invite their friends to enjoy a fun, gospel-centered environment. We had a couple of FHE’s this week and they turned out to be AWESOME! One girl accepted a baptismal invite and the other family all went to church this past Sunday. We have lots more to come this week. It is a lot of extra work but we are accomplishing so many goals encompassed in one plan! I feel like I know the members really well, maybe better than some of their friends in the ward know them, but that is the way the work should be. It is so cool when you feel confident and know that this is what the Lord wants and needs you to do be doing at this time. Other areas where we have tested the waters of missionary work have not felt as right, but this is one area of the work that is leading us down an incredible path.

We also had interviews with President Slaughter this week. Well, they were actually more like Q&A sessions…. don’t know why they call them interviews. It is enlightening and enriching to hear from him. I am hesitant to ask the millions of questions I have because I feel I should study them out for myself  but I still happen to spit out a couple that are the fore-front of my mind.

We had another exchange this past Friday. Sister Burtenshaw from Alberta, Canada came to the Garden Ridge area and we had a tremendous day. She went to JERU! For-sure! She went Fall 2011 with Cassie Pelton and Melissa. She is such a delight and filled the day with so much joy. She has such a strong testimony and teaches to people's needs like crazy.

And last of all the amazing broadcast! Wow. I feel so much light when I hear from those leaders who are dedicated to the gospel and live it so fully in their lives. We can never get enough of Heavenly Father's love for us that comes through them. My companion and I made a new fun Conference Rule: ‘You can't watch conference unless there is a less-active or non-member sitting next to you’. A sweet little lady in our ward who made invites for everyone in the ward to hand out and invite their friends to watch conference with them. So aweesommmeee!

The work has been so amazing. Our faith is tested and tried and challenged every day and you can feel it. But it is so cool and outstanding to feel the strength our Heavenly Father gives us to defend.

Love you all so very much! Thank you for your love and your letters.
Sister Davis

QOF: (means Question of the week) How do you know _______________ (Book of Mormon, Plan of Salvation, etc) is true? A lot of people ask this, so just curious to hear from you guys, I know it’s different for everyone.
San Antonio Sunset!

San Antonio Sunsets are the best!

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