Tuesday, September 10, 2013



WOW...this week was like living on Cloud Nine! SO many great things!

She is a grand-daughter of a couple in our ward. Her parents don't speak very highly of the church so she isn’t able to attend church with her parents or grandparents. BUT we have been able to go over and see Vanessa a couple times. The first time we just got to know her and told her what we do as girls on missions...some things were odd to her of course, but the cool thing is you could relate the gospel to every question she asked and bear testimony of the gospel so easily. This past week we saw her and taught her the restoration...and she didn't want to show it...but you could see the light of Christ in her eyes when we shared the first vision....SO COOL. Her friend was there, so she hid the tears that came to her eyes a bit, BUT she knows the feeling of the spirit which is so cool to see in someone who has not heard anything good about the church her whole life!

Oh yes...we GOT TO GO! Saw many new perspectives and meaning on EVERYTHING...what a difference it makes when you are reading and studying the scriptures in depth every day and learning what the Lord has to teach you! It is a beautiful temple though! They have amazing stained glass and I was just in awe walking in! It is very small, but so detailed in every way. You know without a doubt, that it is the House of the Lord!

I got a NEW COMPANION! Sister Hearne from Delaware! Yep, there are mormons in Delaware! She is incredible. She has been out for 16 months so she will go home in November :(  President must have thought I needed some help as a missionary b/c she is a Sister Training Leader...which means she is over all of the sisters in our zone and some more. I have already learned A TON from her though. She is so incredible. She plays lacrosse too! So that is now our fun time in the morning! But the east coast is much better at Lacrosse then the west so she is also teaching me a lot in that area as well as with missionary work. Oh and another bonus...she’s an Hermana so she is patiently teaching me some Spanish! Just so glad Tuck and Adri are not here b/c I would get quite a bit of grief for my pronunciation.

We have been teaching Sandy for a few weeks now! So cool...she is hilarious...very open and gives me an ab workout every time we go to her home! First lesson we had with her, we invited her to church and she immediately responded, "Now will I be da only fly in the buttacream ova der?" And the last lesson we had with her...she and a Sister Ford were talking about putting make-up on in the morning. She says "I need like some spackle or som-din everyone." And the comments go on and on!

Well I could share so many other stories...but my time is running out. I love this gospel, I love you all so very much and I most all love being able to serve my Heavenly Father 24/7. What a blessing! Oh and also....check out the new scripture mastery verses...so cool...where this work is moving...they verse are so tied closely to Preach My Gospel it is crazy! The work is hitting the ground running...and we need to keep up with it! Ahhh, but check out these scriptures particularly....Genesis 2:24, Exodus 19:5-6, Psalm 119:105, and Isaiah 5:20

Love you all, enjoy your week!

Sister Davis

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