Monday, September 23, 2013


Quick explanation to the subject: My comp saw this on an exchange…it was on the entrance into an apt complex this week and thought it was pretty cool. Truly a missionary dork when things like this spark your interest.

One cool amazing experience this week that strengthened my testimony like crazy….. So we went on exchanges this past Friday and all day we had planned to visit member families in the ward and inform them of a new idea we had brainstormed with our Bishop and our Ward Mission Leaders. The first home we went to we invited them to participate in the new idea and they put up walls right and left …. Excuses, excuses and didn't show much enthusiasm. The mother of the home also expressed feelings that the spirit was not as strong in their home as it used to be and her testimony being a bit weak. Later that day we stopped by another members home and they showed complete excitement and enthusiasm to participate in this new idea. They were not sure how they would at first, but they got thinking and then names and ideas just came into their head. It was so interesting to see the different reactions of each of these members as we expressed the plan we wanted to implement in the ward. I turned to the Sister I was on exchanges with and asked why such different reactions? …..these are all active members? And she simply said the difference is their testimony of Jesus Christ and the Atonement. Those who had the greater understanding of Christ and His Atonement (as the scriptures say) truly have a greater desire to share the gospel. Wow! The scriptures are true? I thought the day would be very repetitive, going from home to home, but it was nice to have a consistent message, and see just the reactions from home to home. It strengthened so many aspects of my testimony that day.

Yesterday we had a lesson with a man who had lots of questions about the little details of our faith. And he wanted to just compare verses in the bible throughout the whole lesson. I felt very inadequate. However, as I sat there stressing over how to answer his questions, I just thought what a blessing it is that I know the Book of Mormon is true along with the bible, because every question could be answered with the Book of Mormon. It all comes down to the foundation of our testimonies which the apostles and prophets have mentioned multiple times before. If we know those few foundational concepts are true, we know all else is true as well.

We had the Primary Program yesterday! Wow...if every Sunday could be a "special program" how strong the spirit would be, how powerful the messages, how many people would come! It is cool to see how everything we do all week is to prepare for sacrament meeting!

I love you all so very much! I am grateful for your prayers and support. I can feel it every day. Have an amazing week.

Sister Davis

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