Monday, September 16, 2013



Good to hear mom and dad are still livin’ and not washed away in a flood! It is always interesting here when you tell people where you are from and the next thing they asked is if your family is doing ok? And then you ask why, and they rebuke you for not watching the crazy exaggerated news. What's even funnier is when members ask, even though they know the guidelines. lol

Oh and Adri and Tuck, another thing I got this week. I told someone I was from Colorado...”oh de Gran Canyunn”!.  Haha, yep laughed out loud from all those stories you told about the Argentines saying that.

We met a man named Floyd this week! So sweet. We sat down to share the gospel with him and as we raise our heads from saying the opening prayer he says "Just so you know, I am Catholic and I have been Catholic my whole life, and I will die Catholic." So we continued to share the gospel...and he offered the closing prayer for us, stating that, "this was different than anything he had been taught his whole life about the LDS faith, that he was excited to read the book of Mormon, and that this enlightened and opened his eyes to something brighter." Say what? That is the magic of the spirit and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One thing that has been so cool to learn is the power of faith. We could have stopped talking to Floyd when he stated he was going to die a catholic, but we continued to share the true message. And his heart was opened! It has been interesting to see how little faith I’ve had in the past when I sharing the gospel with people. When they would say, oh I don't want to learn, or I don't care to know, or other comments. BUT faith is continuing to invite and consistant with sharing your deep love and concern for them to be with you after this life. People tend to put up walls, but if I have faith I can continue to invite. Now is the time I have to just take that agency and act upon it and invite and invite and invite some more. A whole new challenge!

We had a wonderful zone training this past week and we learned so very much. My companion, Hermana Hearne, did training on being yourself as a missionary. Many of us want to take on the role of missionary as something other than who we really are and not be ourselves. It has been interesting how much our leaders have emphasized not being stressed while in the field. We have gotten packets and training and more packets and more training and repeated statements about being ourselves. It helps to use our creativity. I was thinking a lot about the work environment at Apple and Google and how that relates and what the science is behind all of that. So cool and neat to think about!

Thank you all for your support and love! Love, love, love to hear from you. It makes the sun shine even brighter down here. I love you all so very much. Have a wonderful week and be safe in all that water!


Sister Davis

New Companion- Hermana Hearne

Add Bishops Home- Yes, he rides this "bad boy" to work!

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