Monday, September 1, 2014



What a tremendous week filled with so much rejoicing! With the restoration of the gospel, what more do we need to rejoice!?!

Dominic: We stopped to grab a bite to eat at Taco Cabana. As we ordered the cooks asks, "Are you Missionaries?" We replied, “Why yes, of course.” A few minutes later we sat down with our food and he came over to us, saying, "Do you have a Book of Mormon on you by chance?" We said, “Why yes, of course!” And he continued, “My wife is Catholic, I was raised LDS. I remember all the good times as a child and all that the church did for me when I was young. I fell away shortly after my childhood. But I have been sharing with my wife all about the church lately. I thought it would be perfect to show her a Book of Mormon. She would love this. I really want to raise my kids LDS because I remember how wonderful it was to be raised in the church." We asked if we would like a visit from the missionaries to teach his whole family. He said YES!

Obeng: We stopped by to see a potential. We knocked on a door on the same street. An African father answers the door. He asked a few questions about accepting blacks into the church. We shared with him some scriptures in the Book of Mormon that speaks of this. He mentioned that his wife is friends with a "Mormon family" and the kids play soccer together. We invited him to have a lesson with this family that lived just around the corner, the Murry's. We will be seeing them this evening!

Shanari: A few weeks ago we stopped at a gas station for a pit stop. As we walked out a worker was putting ice into the ice chest freezer where you buy ice. We asked if we could share a card with her. We then invited her to hear our message. She said YES! We were able to meet with her just yesterday! (ironically enough in a Starbucks)  As we taught the restoration we felt it was nothing Sister Barrick or I said or did, but that the Spirit was so strong and pierced her heart. She accepted the invite to pray about Joseph Smith! She accepted the invite to come to church! She accepted to be baptized on September 27th! She will be attending the YSA ward because she is in her 20's but we couldn't be more excited for her!

A few months ago President Slaughter said we need be out in shops, stores, gas stations, events etc. As we talked with families this week we shared with them in Preach My Gospel all about the "Go About Doing Good" section, and about Charity and Love. How powerful it has been to seek out opportunities to serve, to have compassion and love for not just those inside the church and those we are already friends with but most importantly with those who are strangers, those who don't know about the gospel, those who don't have the great blessings we have.

I wish I could share more but we are short on time today! 
Much love for each one of you! I can tell school season has begun! Time is crazy. Best wishes with all the work!

Sister Davis
We were a part of the Boerne Parade! We got to hand out cards and candy and see hearts touched, kids enthralled and parents and others asking questions and being sincerely curious! We ARE a peculiar people! and people not only wonder, but really do want to know why we are different! That's the power of God and it changes lives!

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