Monday, September 29, 2014


Dear Family! Oh it has been a wonderful week! Filled with so much Joy! 
You have heard of "Meet the Mormons" I am sure. It will be released in various locations Oct 10th!!!! We had the greatest opportunity to see it at a Zone conference this past week with President Slaughter. It was phenomenal! However that may just be a cheesy missionary opinion. But it truly was hilarious, touching and powerful! A member in our ward returned from a meeting regarding this movie. He mentioned that members of different faiths said after watching this movie that they would let missionaries in to listen if they came knocking on their door. TELL EVERYONE TO SEE IT!
John&Amber: A beautiful family! They are currently catholic. Brother Flynn, who converted from Catholicism, came with us to a lesson this past week. John asked very direct questions of Brother Flynn and why he left the catholic church, how he knew this was true etc. Brother Flynn explained clearly that after questioning and wondering, he felt this was where he needed to be. Brother Flynn's father was a devout catholic, Brother Flynn was an alter boy and took catechism classes. However, he knew this was Christ's church and that he must be a member of it. He encouraged John and Amber to continue learning and reading! So powerful! I just wanted to cheer, clap, scream and shout and say "Amen" after every sentence Brother Flynn said. John and Amber would have never had the same experience if it was only Sister Barrick and I testifying. Members are outstanding and so helpful!
We attended the baptism for three 8 yr olds on Saturday! The spirit was overpowering. Sherry and her daughter Ruby came! (friend of Aiden, one of the 8yr olds) All the primary children sang "I am a Child of God." Ruby was the only one up front with a hymnbook in hand, but she sang at the top of her lungs and with passion. At the end of the baptism she told her mother she was getting baptized into Aiden's church. As we spoke with Sherry afterwards, she had tears in her eyes. She mentioned that she is not ready to learn more at this time, but there was no doubt that the spirit pierced her heart. She even attended the primary program Sunday morning and loved it! She will remember these moments for eternity! 
The Primary Program was a success! They almost filled the entire gym with seats! There were about 15-20 members from different faiths who attended (teachers, classmates, neighbors, boyfriends, brothers, sisters, spouses etc) and even more family and friends visiting!  There are more kids in our ward than adults so you can imagine how packed the stand was. The sunbeams sang, ‘Follow the Prophet’. As they finished the chorus..."Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet he knows the way." …. a young voice shouted out again, "He knows  the way." Everyone had a good laugh after that. The words these children spoke impacted individuals at just the right time, with just the right spirit. It is powerful to see how each one can hit the heart of one person out of so many in the congregation. 
Our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson does indeed know the way. We have the great blessing and honor to hear from the prophet of the whole earth this weekend. This past week we have been handing out invitations to listen to conference. As we have testified of a living prophet many people have given odd looks, shut the door rather quickly or asked questions. President Slaughter mentioned this in his email this past week. "He (the prophet) says what needs to be said. He does not fear man. He is more concerned about offending God than he is about offending man (D&C 3:7). He is called because the Lord trusts him to speak plainly, that all may be left without excuse." The truth will always be opposed. It just amazes me every time there is great opposition. I immediately think, "WOW this must be true, if there is that strong of a negative reaction to it." It gives me more fire and energy to find those millions of people who are waiting to hear and listen to this profound truth. I know there is a living prophet on this earth today. His name is President Thomas S. Monson. We get to hear from him this weekend and we can choose to listen carefully. How grateful I am to be living in this time. 

I love each one of you. Thank you, thank you for all you have done. I think of you often throughout the week. I pray for you often. I am so grateful for the lessons you have taught me that I use on an hourly basis. Thank you! Always, Sister Davis
Zone Conference

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