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Exactly 187 years ago from today in 1827, Joseph Smith obtained the gold plates, a record of God's dealings with ancient inhabitants of the America's and the fullness of the everlasting gospel! Many events followed, including persecution, ridicule and mocking….events that we cannot comprehend or understand. All this occurred so we could hold a witness of our Savior, Jesus Christ in our hands. AND more importantly so that others could come to know, understand and accept the fullness of the everlasting gospel!!! What a miraculous day! 

I am not sure if I mentioned but we received a new Ward Mission Leader, Brother Howell. WOW He truly has gone above and beyond. He is living the higher law and see's the Lords Vision. There are so many aspects to being a ward mission leader and I commend him for jumping right in! He has gone out of the way to help us. I would have never thought of all that he has offered to us in helping. He keeps me on my toes, that is for sure. 

In the Leon Springs Ward there are some well developed areas with gates, guards, security cameras and celebrities. We visited a family this past week in one of these areas. It was evening and as we drove through the neighborhood and there were many homes we drove past with the windows open and the lights on so you could see inside the home. (sounds creepy, but I believe it is just their culture) As I looked at one beautiful home, there was a father sitting at the dining room table reading the newspaper. Across the table was his son, who sat on the edge of his seat, a bit uncomfortable, looking down and a bit upset. I thought, “here is the most beautiful home, and a beautiful family and they don’t know about the most prized possession in the entire universe, the gospel of Jesus Christ.” How I wish I could have walked up their brightly lit path, to the big glass door and shared with them what I know. (I don’t think it would have worked so well with the guards and security cameras all around. lol) 

Many families here in Leon Springs are helping so many friends accept the gospel. 

Sister Metcalf: She came to a lesson with us, and the lesson fell through. Her friend lived right next door so she asked if we could stop by and she could introduce us to her friend. She was so helpful and was willing to stop by a few other families in the area with us to drop off invites to the primary program this upcoming Sunday!(hence, my subject line this week)

Obeng family: We dropped off the restoration dvd to this family a few weeks ago. The member who is friends with Mrs. Obeng said that she brought the restoration dvd to watch at soccer practice! WOW - the power of a just a simple authentic movie. 

Phelps: As we stopped by a family we have been trying to get in touch with, we saw the home across the street had their garage door open. The mother of the home answered and mentioned she was busy helping her daughter with homework and this wasn't a good time. Typically this excuse is given as a kind way to mention they are not interested. Thinking nothing of it we left her with a card so she could contact us at another time and drove to our next appt. On the way there we received a message from Sister Almager in the ward. "My friend just texted me and said you just knocked on her door. She mentioned she would have sat down and spoken with you if she were not helping her daughter with homework and fixing dinner." AHHHHHH OH MY GOONDESS! After she spoke with her friend a little more she found out that she has been searching for a church home and just hadn't found something yet. Sister Almager mentioned that this has been a long time childhood friend who she has spoken with quite a bit about the church. She is familiar with a lot that occurs (the people, the activities etc) All that was needed was an invitation! We will be seeing the family at the Alamger's son's baptism this Saturday! 

I love and cherish the Book of Mormon. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to know of His church on this earth. 

Love you all so Very Much!  Sister Davis

P-Day nature walk
Our last district

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