Monday, September 15, 2014



What a beautiful and tremendous week it has been. A cold front has come. We got rained on a few times and the leaves are slowly starting to change. 

I was able to visit the Encino Park Ward this past week. They are just north of the San Antonio Temple. How neat it is to be all over San Antonio and every one of different faiths can point out this central edifice, THE TEMPLE! Look to the temple! As we walked around this neighborhood Sister Pectol pointed out a man we should go speak with watering his plants. As we approached him he looks at our tags with squinty eyes, walks towards us and holds out his hand to shake ours. He was so intrigued. As we began to share with him the restoration, he asked question after question. He has a wife and three kids and invited us to come back and share more with his family. Before we left, Sister Pectol shared with him a powerful testimony of sincere love for this man she had just met. We are all his children. 

The Book of Mormon chapter in Preach My Gospel has hit my heart this past week. I have heard many times that we can "Use the Book of Mormon to Respond to Objections," but have not quite understood this principle. I can't say that I fully understand it now, but I feel I have caught a glimpse of the vision. In a lesson yesterday there were many questions thrown at us. I felt confident about answering some, but others I had no idea how to answer. As we drove home that evening I thought of the phrase in Preach My Gospel, "Our main task is to declare the gospel and do it effectively. We are not obligated to answer every objection." If I truly understood this principle, then WHENEVER a question is asked I would respond with the Book of Mormon. How exciting this is to have a greater and deeper appreciation and love for the Book of Mormon!

We were in another lesson earlier this week where it began with a bit of negativity. We quickly opened up and began reading with the family in the Book of Mormon. We shared with the father a background on the Book of Mormon. Immediately the focus and the spirit changed in the room. He felt a peace, an excitement to learn, and eagerness to know what was inside. 

There is POWER in the Book of Mormon. Oh how I wish I would have known this when I was in High School. Answering and responding to all those questions from friends day after day with the Book of Mormon. "You can come to know and understand why I don't drink coffee by reading the Book of Mormon."

I have also come to appreciate and respect fathers! How I am so grateful for them and the crucial role they play in our lives. We shared a brief scripture with a family last night. The father of the home shared with his children a critical principle that we had no intention of sharing. The spirit filled the room with great intensity! It allowed us to see and feel a greater measure of our Heavenly Father's love for us. How we must respect, appreciate and love our earthly father and our Heavenly Father. 

The work of the Lord is incredible! There is a great urgency in preparing for the Second Coming of the Messiah. I can feel it in my bones and it drives me every day! I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is his kingdom here on this earth. 

Sincerely, Sister Davis
I love this family!
We had the great opportunity and tremendous blessing to attend the Baldea's sealing!!!

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