Monday, August 25, 2014


Mom, Dad, Jordan, Cristy, Adri, Tyler, and Tucker! 

I love each one of you so very much! Thank you for all your emails and letters! Thank you, thank you. 

School is beginning! Well, for some of you I guess, not all. But I wish the best to those who are beginning! 

I am also glad to hear that everyone has made it back home safely! However, I am a little sad to hear that the boat did not. And most likely will not return home anytime soon. All is well! 

It has been a powerful week! 

The Mota Family! We met them this past week and the wife invited us back. She is so enthused and excited to learn, however her husband is completely opposite. As the father, he of course wants to provide that protection for his home. Carmen (the wife) shared with us her view of what happened inside their home when we first came...She said, “As you walked up the driveway, my husband said, "They’re coming, don’t answer the door. Don’t answer it. But when you knocked, I felt drawn to the door. I heard my husband, but I knew I needed to answer the door. And I opened it, and there you were bright and smiling!" 

Brother Peterson! A few months ago the missionaries stopped by his home. He told them to leave "in a not so kind manner." (his words). He had been praying for help just before they came by, and as soon as he shut the door he had a feeling that that was his help and he had just turned it away. He immediately opened up the phone book, found the number for the church, called the mission office and referred himself to the office. He has changed completely. At first he didn't want to read the Book of Mormon, the next week he read. Then he didn't feel ready to attend church, but the next week he attended church. Then he didn't feel worthy to partake of the sacrament, but the next week he took the sacrament. He didn't feel ready to meet with the Bishop. Then the next week he met with the Bishop. Just yesterday he entered the chapel with his white shirt and tie, and passed the sacrament to the congregation! 

Janet Baguio! Her son, Dante, was baptized a couple years ago, she has been learning and attending church every week since. She has a few callings in the ward also! She has given so much and wants and desires to continue to give more. 

The Leon Springs Ward is outstanding. I feel like I am sprinting and still miles behind them. Proclaiming and sharing the gospel is so natural to so many families, mothers, fathers and their children. They have a firm and strong testimony in the restoration of the gospel. This is what allows them to so naturally and powerfully invite others to come unto Christ. 

We just found out our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Hill, will be moving. He has made an impact in my life within just a few weeks. I am so grateful for the great blessing of him sharing his testimony and knowledge with so many others. 

I love each one of you. Have a wonderful week! Sincerely, Sister Davis
Sisters Felix, Winn, Barrick and me
Sister Felix and Winn are the two sisters we live with...they serve in the Fair Oaks Ward

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