Monday, August 4, 2014

"PRAY ON!" 3 Nephi 19:26


I love each one of you! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE BEST MOTHER AND FATHER who began such a wonderful family just a few years ago that will last for eternity! I am forever grateful for a decision that will affect generations to come. Sister Slaughter shared with us this past week about the sons of God and the daughters of men in Genesis 6:1-8 and Moses 6-8. "We are only one generation away from apostasy." Thank you, mom and dad for taking the energy, effort, time and dedication to make this covenant with God.

As I grasp a greater understanding of the doctrines of the gospel, I am just filled with more and more joy. I find more reasons to rejoice and praise God!

God is here and present in the Austin Ward. He knows each individual that needs to come unto him. This past week Linda referred us to her family just around the corner. Her brother craves the knowledge of God. He has been taking the Book of Mormon to work and reading like crazy. Can you imagine if we all did this?

Jim is doing great! He came to church again and offered to provide us with a meal this week. He is so sweet to us. He has such a tender heart and I wonder why he was never married or had children.

Latecha made it back home safely with her kids!

Brother and Sister Gianes stayed for third hour of church for the 1st time!!!! Sister Gianes LOVED it and just had a blast. She also prayed for the first time this past week! And it has been none of our doing. Her husband Brother Gianes has been inspiring her SO much and helping her faith in God truly grow. He has more influence on her than I think he realizes.

AND guess who else prayed for the first time? Brother Herring! (His wife, Sister Herring is a member). We finished learning about who God is and knelt in their little RV and Brother Herring offered a heartfelt sincere prayer! He truly felt God’s love and presence before he even began to say anything. This brother has cancer and has been fighting it for a few years. He loves everyone and cares so much about them.

The Kelly family is a part-member family we were lead to just yesterday. The mother and kids have all been baptized. Before we shared a message with the family, we invited the father to join in with us, but he resisted time and time again. However, Sister Hansen mentioned that throughout the lesson he was listening the entire time from his work desk. He was nodding his head at certain points, and even turned to look at the pictures we were showing. It reminded me of those mothers who describe their kids that don’t want to join in FHE, yet they are listening from the other room. How powerful the word of God is.

Last night we had dinner with the Simental Family! It was a sweet reminder of how precious it is to have dinner with members of the ward. We discussed who they were currently working with, what their struggles were in sharing the gospel, and hopefully helped by sharing some ideas that our mission has been working with. As we shared the restoration the father was in tears as he remembered how he felt the first time he knew that Joseph Smith saw God the Father, and His son, Jesus Christ. They are an outstanding family!

We had quite the meeting this past week! 75 missionaries in the TSAM gathered together in one chapel to discuss the needs of the mission!

And then…..’mass exodus’! We have 28 missionaries leaving tomorrow. Yes, the big rush is headed home these next couple months. CRAZY! Tucker, the wait wasn’t too long, was it? You now have many options. Yet again, we also have 55 missionaries coming into the mission this Thursday. 33 new missionaries and 22 mini-missionaries. (Priests and Laurels from the San Antonio Stake that will be serving and experiencing the mission for a week!)

Bitter-Sweet News... I will be leaving the Austin Ward. I will be headed to the Hill Country Stake just north of San Antonio. It covers the cities Canyon Springs, Fair Oaks, Boerne (pronounced Bernie lol - I know what you’re thinking) Bulverde (pronounced Bull-Ver-Dee) and so on and so forth. It will be sad to miss all the wonderful families here. They are now on the track to enter the kingdom of God though and I couldn’t leave with greater happiness for them.

OH MY GOODNES THAT REMINDS ME!!!! Brother and Sister Baldea from Garden Ridge Ward......ARE GETTING SEALED IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! Yes indeed. The Garden Ridge Sisters called to pass the message along the other day. They are making that blessed decision that will affect them for the ETERNITIES!

Thank you for playing such a HUGE role in all of these miracles.  Your prayers, your encouragement, and your love….all of this occurs because you. Thank you. I love you so much. Happy Day!  Love Always, Sister Davis
the river we live on in Austin Ward
the river we live on in Austin Ward

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