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Mother, Father, Jordan, Cristy, Adri, Tyler and Tucker!

My goodness it sounds like you all had a blast at Lake Powell. Thank you for the pictures Dad. It’s good to see tons of smiles, excitement, joy and fun! Family time is just precious! Glad to hear that all went well and almost everything made it back home safe and sound. The recovery may take some time.

The week at Lake Powell may have flown by but here it feels like it was a month ago that I last wrote to you. It has seemed this way a lot lately and I LOVE it! The mission just never ends and it is so great!

Tuesday we went on exchanges with two outstanding sisters. Sister Johnson and I worked in an area called Merrilltown (just north of Austin Ward). What a fantastic ward. A lady named Brenda invited us in who said, "Before my Mormon friend passed away, she always taught me to let the missionaries in when they come. That was five years ago and I haven't seen any….you are the first!" We also had dinner with their WML who is just outstanding. It was incredible to hear everything he thinks about and acts on to magnify his calling. It inspired me to strive a little harder, to think a little more about how I can more fully fulfill my calling.

Sister Johnson and I saw many examples throughout the day of those prepared and those who are not quite prepared. It was interesting to see that if we had gotten caught up in a conversation with this one particular gentlemen who wasn't quite ready, we would have missed another gentlemen who was fully ready to accept the invitation to be baptized!

There are so many individuals who are on the path to entering the kingdom of God! Let me share with you briefly about them...
Jim: The 80yr old civil engineer Jim) came again to family night! He is so kind he brought the Krispy Kreme's for the treat afterwards. He was also able to come to church again yesterday. It is wonderful because our ward is quite slim on High Priest at the moment. He will be so helpful in building and serving there.

Latecha: came to church on Sunday! She wasn’t going to stay for RS because she felt sick, but she stayed and received  answers to all of the questions she has had lately!

Gianes Family: brought food for the ward activity, cleaned the church and want to provide us with dinner this week. And this is all BEFORE they have promised to serve him and build His kingdom. They are already doing so!

Mitchell: His wife is the only member in their family. He is currently fighting cancer and understanding that he must truly change to become like our Savior.

Jessie: His wife joined the church in December and he has never sat in on a lesson with her. BUT just this past week he listened! When we showed him the picture of the First Vision he said, "God is giving me direction." We asked, "What is He asking you to do at this time Jessie?" Jessie answered, "Find out more about Him by reading His word, praying to Him, and going to church." Jessie will soon be another great help in the Austin Ward Elders Quorum! They need his sweet and tender heart.

Linda: She is the daughter in law of a member. She has five kids right now and is expecting another soon. A quick learner. She understands what choices need to be made to come closer to God and the she immediately changes.

Connie: She is living with a member in the ward and has two little girls. Her daughter has come to primary the past two weeks and LOVES it! Connie will be getting baptized soon!

Janice Family: A member of the ward met them at Walgreens and invited them to "the church on the corner of Oltorf and Parker." They showed up to church yesterday and LOVED the classes. We read a Book of Mormon scripture and the wife asks, "Where did she read that? Can I get one of those?"

Rolle: A friend told Rolle to go check out the church and ask for the missionaries. He came on Sunday! We met with him that evening and he will be getting baptized soon as well!

Brandon and Paisley: Paisley grew up in the church but was never baptized. She saw us on the street once and called out to us. She invited us to come back another evening. As we shared with Brandon about the line of priesthood authority he understood that his baptism a month ago in another church was not valid, that he needed to change his ways and become more like God, and follow the feelings in his heart of what is best for him and his family. He is INCREDIBLE. You can see that he knows and understands.

Gail: He was with a non-profit organization that came to our Pioneer Day activity. Immediately when I said Hi to him we began talking about family history. He has been to Salt Lake. He has gotten stuck with his family history and had been looking for a center and website here to help out.

These are the individuals who are all around us! I just look at everyone (the cash register, the girl opening the door, the man at the gas pump, the apartment manager and on and on) and think they are children of God. The Lord is preparing them, restoring to their minds the knowledge of our Savior. I MUST do my part to bring them in…..and not just now, but next year, and the year after, and when I am 50 and when I am 80 and for the eternities.

I may have already share this with you, but the other day President Slaughter mentioned this..."Many missionaries say, 'When I get home I will do this...When I go back to real life……..' This IS real life…..serving God with all your might, mind and strength, today and always." I have been able to see a glimpse of this here in the Austin Ward. The ward has many temporal needs right and left. The members here serve until they collapse in their beds at night. I am extremely grateful for this. It is the time to build His kingdom with even greater desire and devotion than ever before. I thank each one of you for teaching me this principle throughout life. I am now just seeing bits and pieces of how you exemplified this attribute. Thank you!

I know that these miracles have occurred because of our Savior, Jesus Christ. How grateful I am for His strength, His power and His miracles that we have the great opportunity not only witness but to be a part of. The work of salvation is the greatest work we can do on this earth. All other things….. are wonderful things......BUT the work of the salvation is the GREATEST work we can do here on this earth.

Have a wonderful last few weeks of summer! We are lucky here in Texas we have a few more MONTHS of Summer! ;)
I love each one of you so much. Thank you again!   LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!  Sister Davis
Wish You Were Here!
I Love You So Much! The graffiti in Austin is everywhere!
A visit to the Capital!
I found my "goofy" face!
Our Zone!
The TSAM missionaries are the best!

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