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I have so much love for each one of you. It was such a long and powerful week it feels like I last wrote about a month ago.

David and Allison and the FAM! They have four kids who are all outstanding. They have been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and participating in lessons. They are so excited to learn about God and all that he has blessed them with. We see so many children out on the streets all day and I just want to grab them all together and teach them. I imagine Christ with all the children teaching them one by one. They are so eager to learn, to feel the spirit, to be happy. Become as a little child!

I have truly felt the spirit guide this week. When a smidgen of anger creeps in or a bit of criticism, you can feel it immediately leave. How devastating that feeling is for just a second. The moments when the Spirit guides us are so powerful. We went to go see a recent convert named Ed on Tues evening. We knocked on the door and another gentleman answered. He had never heard of Ed before. We walked away wondering if we had the address wrong or something. Then, Sister Hansen looks up across the road to see Ed and shouts, "Ed!!" Heavenly Father did not want us to miss seeing Ed. Expect nothing less from Him. He will guide us. And again that evening, we pulled up to a home of a family we have been trying to see, but not been able to. Just as we got out of the car, here comes the family pulling up in the driveway. WOW I can’t even count how many times this happens. And the wonderful thing is, I know this is not just because I am wearing His name on my heart, but it is because He gives each one of us strength and ability to accomplish His work when we do as He asks.

Sister Bills (a new missionary) was able to come see the wonderful Austin ward! She is on fire. WOW! She is from Utah and has already hit the ground running. She has an outstanding memory and knowledge of all that surrounds her. She wants to progress, move forward and never stop learning. She taught me of the great power of silence when teaching,and allowing the spirit to testify and allowing the individuals to understand.

We attended the baptism of an individual one morning. She is the tutor of a little young girl who is a member of the church. I can't say it enough…… There are people all around us who are being prepared and are prepared. We drive down the streets of Austin here and I get a little scared looking at apartment building after apartment after house...neighborhood after neighborhood. There are so many people that need to know about the restored are we supposed to teach them all one by and care for them one by one? It makes me just a bit anxious. "I know that I am nothing, as to my strength I am weak...for in HIS strength I can do all things." (Alma 26:12)

Maria: She is doing alright. She has many medications and trying to read so many different books and do different techniques to help with all that is occurring right now. How many different ways can we convey...the Gospel of Jesus Christ is here for YOU! Any time anyone mentions any struggle, whether it be an investigator, a missionary, a cashier, a friend...I listen and then I immediately reach for the Book of Mormon in my bag. IT IS HERE! WE HAVE THE GREATEST GIFT ON EARTH! TO HELP YOU! Now if only it could be known to whole world faster!

I love each one of you. I am so grateful every day for a family who leads me and guides me. I was sharing with Sister Hansen this morning how I always want to be close to someone who is more knowledgeable, more faithful, and more diligent than I am for the rest of my life. I believe Heavenly Father has already blessed me with many who are...each one of you. How grateful I am that it is not just going to be for this life, but for eternity.

Thank you for each one of your examples! Have a wonderful week at Powell! Jump a few wakes and flip a few tubes for me! Love you all so very much!  Always,  Sister Davis
Celebrating the 4th! City of Austin in the background....that's where we work!
We are fortunate enough to be able to go for morning walks along this bridge!

Sister Davis are together again...sort of.... we're in the same district! 
the flag of the great state of Texas!

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