Monday, August 11, 2014


Mom, Dad, Jordan, Cristy, Adri, Tyler, and Tucker!

Thank you for your examples every day! As my companion and I took a walk this morning we talked all about our families and all that we admired about our parents and siblings. To be sure, we just skimmed the surface in sharing all the characteristics about each one of you.

My new companion is Sister Barrick! She is from New Harmony, UT (near St George and Cedar City). She is a spiritual powerhouse! And she has such a deep passion to share the great news of eternal families.

We are in the Leon Springs Ward, Hill Country Stake. We are about 30min north of the San Antonio Temple. (no, there are no hills in this area mother, not sure why the name ‘hill country’) We drive down the highway and just see flat lands of beautiful green trees! Every day we mention how we feel we have been placed in the greatest ward. The sisters that were here in the ward before both went home, so we are adjusting and getting our feet wet here. It reminds me of something Tucker mentioned to me once…, "As soon as I felt that I knew how to do missionary work and that I knew everything, Heavenly Father gently reminded me that I had no idea what I was doing." How grateful I am for the strength of the Lord and the enabling power of the Atonement. I have truly come to rely on Him and only Him at this time. We have a phenomenal Ward Mission Leader, Brother Hill and every day we witness that the Lord is hastening his work by calling us to positions where we must serve and build his kingdom.

Austin Ward I believe is doing well! The river alongside the apartment misses us a lot of course. Sister Barricks previous companion is now actually serving in Austin Ward! How incredible!

So, quick Austin Update:
- Rolle is not only getting baptized himself but every time we meet with him, he introduces us to a new friend! It reminds me of the mormon message where there was one young man in the priests quorum and they just brought one friend after another until there were 12 men in God's Army!
- We met with Sister Tapaevalu (member). We showed her the pamphlets we are using. We asked if she would like some to give to her friends. She said, “yeah! At lunch I go on a walk around our office and I carry a Book of Momon with me because I always meet people. And I pray and I pray to Heavenly Father that I will meet someone to give it to and that I will have the courage to give it to them. I met this lady the other day and she would love this pamphlet!” And she just went on and on! As Sister Barrick would say, "She caught the bug of missionary work!"

My New Address is:
125 Crosspoint #4203
Boerne, TX 78006  (I think I may have mentioned this, but just fyi, it's pronounced Bernie, lol)

Oh and did I mention about the most exciting phone call I received a couple weeks ago....The Baldea family will be receiving their ENDOWMENTS and getting SEALED this Saturday, Aug 16th!!!! My heart is "swollen with joy, unto the gushing out of many tears..." (3 Nephi 4:33). They will be with God again! They will have Eternal Life!

In the Leon Springs Ward there are several families that have served as temple presidents at the San Antonio Temple. Yesterday during Relief Society we were able to hear from their wives powerful testimonies. It reminded me of Grandma Jones and Grandma Davis. I just pictured them sitting in that room as if they were giving me direct grandmotherly advice! I soaked up as much as I could.

I love our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love them dearly. I hope and pray that my actions are showing my deep gratitude for our Heavenly Father and Christ. I know they are real. I know our Heavenly Father communicates to us through the simple and still small voice. He will let us know what needs to be done in HIS kingdom.

Thank you once again for your love and support. I pray and I hope that I am giving just a small portion back of what I can in these letters. I hope they are uplifting and helpful in some way, and not just some words on a page. I love each one of you.

Always, Always, So much Love! Sister Davis

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