Monday, June 2, 2014


Family! Mom, Dad, Jordan, Cristy, Adri, Tyler and Tuck! 

Let me tell you what a week of growth it has been. It is so great to be stretched, tugged and pulled to become "even as I and your Father who is in Heaven is perfect." 

We started off the week by doing a different style of exchanges. Sister Haight (one of the sisters we live with) came and helped us out a ton in the 9th Ward. She is a powerhouse and there are four individuals who will be getting baptized this next month in the young single adult ward! 

I have learned a lot this past week about true discipleship and what it means to truly minister to others, to truly serve as the Savior did. A couple of weeks ago some members came with us to a lesson with the Heiner family. The moment we walked in, it was as if the two families had known each other in the pre-existence! They were instant friends and after leaving their home their friendship grew more and more. They exchanged numbers and were texting and calling and made connections from experiences in the company’s they work for. The members invited them to church, they answered their questions, they shared personal experiences about their own journey in finding Christ's church, and they stayed and just chatted for a couple of hours after the lesson. They ministered to this family as the Savior would. The mother and father of the Heiner family had prayed and prayed before the lesson that they would become friends with the individuals we would bring and their prayer was answered because of the members deep love for this family the first time they met them. I heard recently about our prophet's example of personal ministry. President Thomas S. Monson always has a list of individuals he wants to personally see and speak with. 

Destynee attended a baptism this past week with her family! She is on track to make this promise in a couple weeks! The nerves may be getting to her so keep her in your prayers. 

Sister Cazier also came to 9th ward this past week! She is outstanding. The last individual we spoke with that evening was a gentleman with a soft and loving heart. After teaching him that Christ's church has been restored, tears were in his eyes as he remembered his daughter. He has a love for those sweet and pure children. 

One last miracle: My companion is incredible! As we were walking out of an appointment she saw a car with its’ hazard lights on. She strolls on over to ask if the person needs help and the lady jokingly responds,” if you want to help move all of these boxes up to my apartment….”. My companion says, “why of course we do!” The lady had just finished a 30 hour drive from Philadelphia, missed two full days of work, and had no time to unpack her car. She invited us back to share a message and have dinner with her. We left her with a Book of Mormon and she responded, “I love to read! And now I won’t have to find and unpack my books!” 

Love Always, Sister Davis
Sister Iverson, Destinee and myself at the temple!
some of the San Antonio Sisters!

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