Monday, June 9, 2014



Thank you for your wonderful emails!.......... you are all life savers!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the Father who has dedicated His whole life to fulfilling his calling. Thank you, Dad. 

"Fathers are to preside over their family in love and righteousness, and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families." Our Heavenly Father has magnified this responsibility. He has given us the choice to make and keep our covenants (the necessities of life). Our Heavenly Father Loves His Children. 

Annette is incredible! We walk up to her door and she says come on in, without us even needing to knock. She immediately says, "I did my homework….. I finished all the questions, looked up the scriptures and wrote my answers in here. I have a few more questions though." Her desire to learn and to know the truth is like nothing else. 

Patrick called us the past week again with great excitement but also some nervousness about church. He is "all about joining the LDS" but is just nervous for the differences. Pray that he can come to church this Sunday! 

The Heiner Family came to mutual this past week! They are an incredible family! … strong, and so powerful. I can't wait for their baptism.

A neat analogy President Slaughter shared with us this past week. A man is listening to music in his room. You see him dancing, snapping his fingers, tapping his feet and having a good time. A deaf individual walks by and see's that he is having a good time, so he joins him……..dancing, snapping his fingers, tapping his feet etc. Another individual walks by and see's these two individuals both looking like they are having a great time and enjoying themselves. However, one is actually feeling the music and the other is just going through the motions. Which one are we? 

Thank you so much again for all your prayers. We can truly feel the power of your faith here and know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of his children wherever they are at this time. Thank you, thank you! 

Love Always, Sister Davis

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