Monday, June 23, 2014


Hello from the good old San Antonio! 

Please be safe this week as you hike and climb Hlf Dome and see all of Gods creations! I am ready to hear all the gospel analogies when you return! 

It has been an outstanding week! Lots of great changes and tons of miracles! 

Aisha came to dinner with an outstanding family in the ward and attended a baptism on Saturday! She is incredible! Every time we ask her a question, she stares off into the distance and ponders for a moment and then shares a couple sentences. She shares what she needs to share in the perfect amount of words. How I desire to be like her!

All the missionaries in our stake met together this past week! It is incredible to see the impact and power of one individual. One of our leaders has served in numerous ways throughout the mission. We had the blessing of having him as our leader the last transfer of his mission. He has given his all…….every moment and every minute. It makes me think of all those testimonies you have shared with me from the missionaries returning home at this time. The impact one individual can have on so many people in such a short period of time. All because of the Holy Ghost, that testifies and teaches each one of us. 

We met the Pena Family this past week! (it reminded me of your childhood friend mother!) Their daughter joined the church just a few years ago and was married in the temple. They are a wonderful strong Catholic family! They shared experience after experience with us how they have been inspired by the power of the Holy Ghost in their life. The 12yr old son shared with us how when he attended the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints he felt more comfortable, at peace and at ease than when he usually attends his church. The mother shared with us how she saw 17 miracles. She was so curious as to why she was so drawn into it. After having a Book of Mormon laying on her desk for multiple years, she finally decided to pick it up and begin reading. There were tears in her eyes as she described to us all that she was learning. 

I know without a shadow of a doubt that the third member of the godhead is real. It is our guide, our comforter, the testifier of truth! How blessed we are to always have it with us as we are worthy of it. 

It is a bitter-sweet this week. I will be leaving the San Antonio 9th Ward. I am sad to leave such a wonderful companion, Sister Iverson. She has taught me how to be humble, how to listen, how to accept correction and improve and progress. She will do incredible things in this area though! (so don’t send anything to this address 12330 Vance Jackson # 7202) 

Each one of you are in my prayers. I think of all that you have done and are always doing for me. Thank you, thank you! I love each one of you. 
Sham, Souji, me and Nicolina
Favorite Door this week!
dinner with S. Vasquez, Aisha, Cassandra and myself!

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