Monday, June 16, 2014



Aren't we so grateful that there are still national holidays that celebrate the family, becoming a family, the purpose of a family, of the role of a father in a family! Even if it was spent watching a fathers favorite thing on TV...the GAME! Conversation last night as we walked along the street….. a young mother pushing her daughter in a stroller stops us....

Her- "Are you knocking on doors?" (this usually means that we should not be soliciting in their neighborhood) 
Us-  "Yes, we know that God has called a prophet to this earth today and others need to hear about this." 
Her- "You do realize the Spurs are playing right now."
Us- "Yes." 
Her- "Are people...getting mad?" 

We had a tremendous week! Miracle after miracle. One after the other! All because of your prayers. Thank you, thank you. 

Patrick was able to see the church this past week! YIPEE! He called us last Monday saying he got work off at the last minute and asked if we could show him the church. But still is concerned about coming. He has such a strong desire to know and live the gospel however. 

We had a couple exchanges this past week. Sister Iverson is a power house and took the area under control by herself for two days in a row! I visited the new Castle Hills ward and the Sonterra Ward in the North Stake. Learned some important principles! There truly is in all that we do a Good, Better and Best way to do things.

 Many missionaries will be leaving the mission the next couple transfers. Just as mom said, the rush is coming home. How critical it is that we "share the music" with ALL of the missionaries who will soon be leaders. 

This past week a beautiful young dancer, Aisha, took a hug leap of faith in learning about the gospel. She said the many things we have taught are different than what she was taught growing up.

Also we spoke with a father this past week who strongly is concerned for all Christians separating themselves and differentiating themselves from each other. Saying we are unique, we have this, we have that.

How far away the world has gotten from teaching the true doctrines and principles of the gospel. How grateful I am for the Holy Ghost who teaches us in our hearts, right from wrong, what is true and what is false. 

YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED! There was a gentlemen that passed me about 10 min ago and smiled as he walked by (here, in the library) I pleasantly smiled back. He came back up to me later and said "You look familiar" I said "I am not sure where I have met you, but you may have met a missionary wearing this (pointing to my name tag.)" We continued our conversation and he is atheist but is wanting to know about "the mormons." Say What? What is so cool is that this morning Sister Iverson and I prayed that we would have the opportunity to teach someone as we open our mouths where ever we go. She also reminded me that when Elder Bednar came to the mission he said, "I never go to Home Depot to get nails." "I never got to the gas station to get gas." We go so we can open our mouths as His children and share the restored gospel. President Slaughter also shared with us the past week that most individuals that members have referred to the missionaries are not those best friends they have been working with for years, but rather those that they meet on the street, or those they meet at the grocery store lines, or their hair dressers etc. IT IS INCREDIBLE that we can TALK WITH EVERYONE! 

I love our Savior, Jesus Christ, I love my Heavenly Father and I love each one of you! Sincerely, Sister Davis

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