Monday, August 26, 2013



Oh boy, you all made me miss Powel like crazy! It sounds like it was a blast. Great  memories!

Such a great story...she just moved into our ward so we were helping her unpack boxes and it was more of us just being there to listen to her instead of really unpack. But it was what she needed at the time. She shared with us how when she was younger she lived in two worlds basically. She would live with her mother during the week and had her school friends, and then on the weekends she would go to her Aunt and Uncle's house. Her father killed himself when she was four, so her mother stopped going to church at that time. She and her brothers went to her Aunt and Unlce's on the weekends because they would take her to church and to hang out with their mormon friends in that town. It is so cool to see the impact her Aunt and Uncle still ha on her today. She is now active in the church, but her husband is pretty much less active. Her brothers and mom live nearby, but are less-active as well. Just recently she bought church clothes for her brother's kids so she could take them to church. (I remind you, her husband does not go to church, so she is taking her daughter and 3 other kids to church by herself. And her mother is now asking if she can come back to church with her. What an impact she has been for so many. So many friends and family members around her have fallen away, but she has been able to see the light that comes from the gospel and is helping so many around her come back and come closer to Christ. many other miracles inside this story. But to see the big picture, that Aunt and Uncle made so many sacrifices in their life to take 3 kids to church who were not their own, so that they could see and live with their Heavenly Father after this life! Wow. Oh, and, the Aunt and Uncle chose not to have kids, in order to take care of Sister Mill and her brothers! So amazing to hear the life stories of others if we just take time to listen to not only them, but our Heavenly Father to find out what they need!

Well there were many great events that occurred this week and it was a wonderful week. Lots of good work, and lots of love in the air for this gospel.  My testimony is being refined like crazy every day. I learn new things as I study, but more importantly as I live it. That is the coolest part of all.

We met with another less-active family this week...oh line of the week. We asked the mother a few questions of how she can improve her testimony and live the gospel more fully...she finishes her comments by saying...."I am shootin’ for the middle kingdom, so I think I am good where I am at with my tea occasionally and my jokes and all." What...?

Well I love you all so very much and I am glad to hear it was a wonderful week at Powel. Just know that Adri and I were there in spirit having tons more fun!


Sister Davis

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