Monday, August 5, 2013


 My goodness it was an eventful week. Full of ups and downs!
Her baptism went very well! She is just like Delanee, so funny! I will send a picture b/c she even looks like her too. She was confirmed during church and has soon as the prayer ended, she stood up and ran to her mother in the pews. lol Didn't say thank you, didn't shake anybody's hand, just ran.
He is doing amazing! This past week, we had a lesson that was so powerful. Sister Baldea shared how this experience has strengthened her testimony and Brother Baldea was able to share his testimony afterwards. Wow, one of the strongest feelings of the spirit I have felt. Yes, his baptism is this week...and boy is he stoked. Every day, he tells us in some way how excited he is!
We were able to meet with some wonderful members this week and hear their testimonies about missionary work. One told us about sending videos and stories to a friend she had in HS over facebook. So cool, and she has been so receptive to listening and hearing about it. Another, told us how he just constantly talking about the gospel to his military training group...and some days he even comes home and has been talking about it so much that he wants to just talk about anything else but the gospel. He is one of those, that was born with the absence of fear to share the gospel. What a gift! Another shared about how you can never force someone to accept or change. As a member of the church (including us missionaries) all we can do is invite, let them use their agency to choose. He mentioned that since he has been home from his mission, he has prayed for opportunities, and when the opportunities arise it just feels right. He made a point that we have to open our mouths first, but the opportunities will come and we need to take advantage of them. Member missionaries are the best!
YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!!! I met my hero's this week. Yes, we were just knocking along, and these two older men open the door. Just before they were about to say goodbye, they said, sorry we are kind of busy, this is our one day off. I am a flight nurse and he is a flight medic.....what the??? So yes, of course I said don't shut the door I have a million questions for you. Surprisingly enough, the one that was a flight nurse was a southern baptist and had a few questions for us. We answered with our testimonies and what we know to be true. He was very polite and kind to us, even though he probably wanted to shoot us.

This week has been wonderful. The spirit is amazing even though I feel like I know very little about it. It works in incredible ways you never see coming! I realize now how wonderful and nice it was to come home to a place where the spirit always was present. Never really understood that the feeling missing in some of my friend’s homes was the spirit. After walking into so many different homes...member and non-member, you can most definitely feel where the spirit resides.

I wish you all the very best. Sounds like your vacations are treating you very well. And yet they still have not come to an end. Party on! And be safe this week at Powell! Love you all so very much.

Love Always,  
Sister Davis

PS. Oh and the subject line: Avocado Bacteria...this week I pulled an old avocado out of the fridge …. looked at, it and saw that the bacteria on it was the same bacteria we grew in my micro bio class that we had to identify. So cool. It was staph btw, I think.


Sister Sheets completes our threesome!

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