Monday, July 29, 2013


As it is mom and dad's Anniversary this week it reminded me of my mission president. He and his wife have celebrated their anniversary every month. They have been married for 295 months now. lol Pretty funny. But Happy Anniversary this week mom and dad! California will be a dream!

Yes we had wonderful transfers this week! I made it to my second transfer! It's funny being a missionary and learning all the new lingo. No missionary will tell you how many months they have been out. It is always by transfer. “Two transfers ago this happened”....”in a few transfers I can do this”...  I feel like a real nerd when I start talking to members about transfers and zone conferences.

Update on Brother Baldea, he has already planned out his whole program for his baptism still 2 weeks away and he is doing wonderful! His testimony is on fire and he is learning like crazy. Something interesting that Sister Baldea taught me this week though. She mentioned how those who are milking the clock (on the clock but not working) are essentially stealing money. As missionaries, if we are “milking the clock” we are stealing the Lord's time if we are not putting forth our best effort every minute.

I have always been curious about the fact that the Book of Mormon is emphasized so much and why it is important to emphasize it. I am starting to see a small piece of why we focus so much on it. It is so powerful. And I wish I had read it more while growing up. It is the glue in discussing the gospel and nothing comes together without it. A testimony cannot be built without reading it.

We are also teaching a 9 year old girl, Marissa. She was baptized a year ago but her records were lost so we have been teaching her and she will be baptized again this weekend! She is so excited. She reminds me of Delanee. I'll have to get a picture and send it over next week. She is so fun to teach, but it’s hard to make the doctrine simple for her to understand.

Powerful scripture: Alma 37:32-42

Have a wonderful week and I hope all goes well with everyone traveling! Party On!
Love, Sister Davis

This was at transfers this past week. We had to take another sister there, and look who I saw! Elder Logan Sant from home, (far left) The Elder in the middle, also Elder Sant, is in my district. they are related through their Grandparents (I think)
 Sister Elliott(far right), Sister Staker(middle) and I (S. Staker was the Sister we spent a few days with before transfers and took her to transfer meeting) Sister Stakers' companions had completed their missions.

What a beauty! We got to go to the distribution center after transfers and see this much of the temple! Beautiful though. I am hoping we can go at the beginning of September (if my comp still wants to go) We can only go twice throughout our whole mission so she is saving her times to go.


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  1. 1) I really feel like for many people the Book of Mormon is like a 'dividing line' between Mormon Christians and Bible-only Christians. The world of wonder that the BoM reveals is the best challenge most will ever take, they just don't know it. I just heard a story yesterday of some missionaries who were rejected at a doorstep with the spiteful words from a man who slams the door on them 'You can't possibly know this is true' The 'greenie' missionary boldly knocks again and testified, Joseph Smith is a Prophet, I know it, He is! The dreams restled with the incredulous man all night long, the words tossed him in his bed "Joseph Smith is a Prophet, He is, He is, He is!!! The next morning he called those missionaries back, and accepted the message. 2) I've heard people talk about this being their 'favorite' temple, if there is such a thing. I can't wait to hear all about your description! God's Speed! Aunt Carol