Monday, July 15, 2013


 How was Cami's wedding?!?! How has the summer been going? How is the weather? Tell me more, tell me more!

It was hard to wait a whole week to tell you this story. The Baldea family is our ward is a part-member family (the husband is not a member, but the wife is). Brother Baldea usually comes to church every other week, b/c he works on the opposite weeks. He has not been interested in joining the church at all, but just comes to help his wife out with the kids. Last week was actually his 2nd weekend off of work in a row (miracle #1) This was also the same Sunday that his wife would be called and set-apart as the secretary in the primary presidency (miracle #2). He stayed for the setting a part, which also caused him to stay for all 3 hrs for the first time. (Usually he just attends sacrament meeting). That night his wife was resting and recovering from a MS relapse and he took her phone and grabbed our # to text us and tell us that "he is interested and would like to receive more information on joining". (miracle infinity at this point). This isn't even the best point though....later that week before we were able to meet with him, he texts us again and says "I have fully decided to join the church, please let me know what I need to do next when we have dinner on Friday" Yes this brought tears to Sister Elliott and I. We couldn't believe it. In one week.
FUNNIEST PART OF THE STORY: His wife didn't know about any of this, until he TEXTED her one morning and was like, I have decided to join the church. lol oh boy....there was no hint or clues before that. And she collapsed to the ground when she read it. WOW so excited for them. She has been waiting for this moment since she was baptized 10 yrs ago. The Lord prepares his children in his time!

We have been seeing a lot of less active families still. It is sad to see how easy they fall away for one reason or another. Interesting, but scary too. These families are wonderful, and still have strong testimonies, but just one small splinter from that darn Satan dug into their skin and infected their whole soul. Shows how true Helaman 5:12 is and needs to be for us.

We got to go on exchanges with the new "Sister Training Leader" She is like a zone leader but for the sisters. She heads home this transfer so she is a little more seasoned missionary than Sister Elliott and I. She taught us so much though. Her excitement, enthusiasm. I have lots to work on. We also brought a young woman with us to a lesson, so all 4 of us showed up on a doorstep and we realized that was a little too overpowering for some people, so we split up. And yes, the greenie (me) went with the young woman. ahhhhh....yeah I was freaking out, but it was a great experience. And wonderful for the young woman to see that a mission is hard but rewarding. I think and hope she enjoyed it so we didn't scare her away too much. 

Well I wish the best to you all. The work is hard, but wonderful, and we have new ideas up our sleeves for the work. I will have to share them with ya if it all goes well.

We talked with some girls last night about the reason why we go on missions. They were lost why we would go away from our family and leave everything. Family is important. It reminded me of some ladies we met in Jerusalem. They were home care givers for the elderly people in Jersusalem. Every penny and dime they earned they would send home to their kids and husbands in the Philipines. Yes they would leave them, but it showed their love and dedication to their kids. They also knew that they were doing something so great and that would benefit their families more than they could imagine. They had incredible faith.

I know this is where my Heavenly Father wants me at this time. I may not know why, but I know that it is. I love you all, and thank you for sending your love this way in your emails and letters.

Sister Davis

(Just thinking about how the name Sister Davis makes me sound so old) 

exchanges with Hermana Brunsdale!

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