Monday, July 1, 2013


 Thank you for all your emails. I love them so much. I wish they were spread out throughout the week and not just all packed into an hour or less. But thank you thank you.

The heat is pickin up a bit. Not too humid still. The people in this ward are spoiling us like crazy. Yeah, not sure why. I feel like I do not deserve it.
There are tons of recent converts and part-member families in this ward. It has been intersting and wonderful to hear their stories and we have been working with all these amazing part-member families.
The best thing a member did for us this week, was ask how he could help in the work. He had recently returned from his mission, and it opened my eyes up quite a bit. Man, if every member asked that question. He was so willing and open to help out, even with his busy military schedule.
Well don't plan on moving here to San Antonio, if you aren't either Catholic or in the military. You will not fit it and you will never understand what they are talking about. They all use these crazy acronyms and they are military ones… will never understand or remember what they mean. I am an LPN at the BAMSE, not the SAMSI. The TRLY decided to BIJ it because people were GOLK. No but seriously. They mention their position in the military and look at you like you should know what that means and if you don’t they spell it out for you, but it still makes no sense. All their wives don't even know what they are talking about still so I have given up on trying to learn them.
Last night we had a less-active and a non-member both answer their doors when we knocked. They are neighboors and great friends so we decided to have a lesson with all 6 of them. I thought it wouldn’t go well considering they were all young couples and planned to just party that night. But they actually were very kind and listened to the message of the restoration. The less-active was able to share his testimony of Joseph Smith with his friends and they all committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.
President Slaughter got here on Thursday and President Jones left on Friday. So this week we have interviews with President Slaughter and a Mission Conference with him. It is a busy week for him, but I am excited to meet him. I’ll tell him hello for ya Uncle Trevor ;)
It was my companions 20th birthday on Saturday. Yes, she got the gift of knocking all day. We are making a cake for her today and celebrating with the Elders in our district.

Wish you all the best this week. Send me pictures of what you do on the fourth. I am excited to hear!
 Love always,

Sister Davis

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