Monday, July 22, 2013



It poured rain...Sister Elliott were laughing b/c we know how to drive in the snow but we felt so embarrassed driving like a 15yr old in the rain here. We just played some phase 10 at the church with the Elders in our district here. And then saw a less active family that evening. (Those seem to be the hardest ones to help them come closer to Christ.)
Packed with goodness. (1)  We knocked into a girl named Jennifer and taught her a lesson. She has a little boy and her husband is in the army. (you will be hearing lots about them). (2) We taught Brother Baldea! He is so strong and doing so great. At the beginning of the lesson they told us one of their best friends passed away and two of her kids are in ICU and work was one of the hardest days he has had since he moved here 6 months ago. My goodness Satan does not want him to get baptized. But at the end of the lesson he said "I KNOW SATAN IS TRYING, BUT HE IS NOT GOING TO WIN THIS BATTLE" (wish I could say that every time I hit rock bottom). (3) We met with another less active family, the Magness's. Everyone in the family has their own issues and only a few are willing to listen to the message we have, but there is so much potential for this family!
We were in a Trio AGAIN! A sister from NY came on a medical release to Texas so we took her around with us for the day to stick to the missionary routine. Her story....INCREDIBLE....
We met with another less active, Sister Rios. She is a powerful woman, dedicated to learning, yet struggles in attending church. So we are working out those kinks. We taught Jennifer and her husband David AGAIN! It was an awkward lesson, not going to lie. But they invited us back, so the spirit must have whispered something to them.
(1) We had a couple lessons with some individuals we knocked into. Life situations came up with these families though, so we will not be teaching them anymore. (2) We taught Brother Baldea later than night! It was a powerful lesson and he is being showered daily with knowledge of the gospel. His dear wife has been helping him so much. Every time we go into a lesson, we plan for something he learned previously that day with his wife. But it never hurts to solidify it in his heart. Hence, why we missionaries have to study every morning. We still have hours and hours worth of things to learn. I see more of the reason for an “MTC home” now than I did before. (3) We taught another less active family, the Chase's. They are wonderful, but again it is difficult to help them gain a stronger testimony of Christ and recognize what things are keeping them from obtaining it.
Stopped by a few less actives homes and talked with them for a bit and contacted around them. We had lots of lessons planned for the day, but many fell through, which was very rare. ;)
We taught Jennifer and David again! They have been reading the Book of Mormon and praying a lot about it. We also gave them a tour of the church building.  They committed to coming to church the next day. The lesson was amazing...well, we thought so.
Church! And Jennifer and David came and stayed all 3 hrs....but then afterwards we got a text....we don’t think this is the church for us....uh? uh? uh? Yes, we weren't sure what to say. But we do know without a doubt they felt the spirit and it was powerful. We know that they know what to do and what to pray about and what to read if they want to know if it’s true. So I believe for them it will be correct timing...and of course their agency. Later that night we had dinner had our Bishop's home. My goodness...after being in so many non-member and even members homes that past week...we walked into Bishop Hagey's home and....yes, indescribable! The spirit was like a huge wave that overcame us.

This was definitely not all that happened but it was just the gist of it. Wish I could write more. We are all doing wonderful here. Have fun at camp, mother! Thanks to all of you for your letters of love. I love them so much and it is so great to hear from you. There are many prayers being said for all you. I love you so very much.

Sister Davis

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