Monday, February 3, 2014


PS……that doesn’t just include us missionaries, ya know!


I have learned so much this week. I don't even know where to begin. My mind is running and I can't stop it. It’s like a kid running down a hill so fast he has no control over his legs. While thinking about teaching with power and authority lately, I’ve thought about the power of the Spirit, and that thought has continued to come back again and again. The role of the spirit is unimaginable. It motivates us to do good, to be better, to follow Christ. Often times we want to force information onto others, we want to shock them with stories or experiences, or perhaps make them feel guilty to persuade them. As I have looked back, I have noticed that these only work for a short period of time. It’s somewhat similar to a temporary feeling of happiness. But there is a greater way of obtaining and retaining gospel principles and learning. I hope we all recognize that for ourselves.

Well I thought I might share some logistics for ya. ;) 

I have a wonderful apartment! We are blessed with the necessities...a bed to sleep in etc! We are living with two other sisters! It seems almost like college with roommates, only substitute the stress of classes and homework with people's salvation instead. My companion is wonderful, Sister Harmon. She will be returning to Magna, UT is about 2 weeks...."ahhhhhh that is so crazy" is the phrase I hear about every other day. I would be saying the same if I were in her shoes. The area we are working in is a little more downtown-ish. Busy streets, 6 lanes of traffic on the highway, and at least one day of the week we forget about the 4 o'clock hour traffic rush until we are already in it. Whoops. But I love it. We are also right on the border of the "Medical Center" here. (Where all the recently graduated BYU students come to do their residencies.) The other half are working for USAA. Because both of these are on the border of our area there are tons of young, well-educated, mixed nationality families here!

VIDYA: She is from Trinidad (in the Caribbean). She grew up half hindu and half presbyterian. It has been interesting to teach with no base or concept of accepting Christ as the son of God or as our Savior. WOW She has an amazing desire to learn, and to live what she knows to be true, but that witness of the truth seems to take a little more time to recognize.

SISTER BRYCE: We taught her the word of wisdom this past week, and it truly hit home of what it means to fully commit to and follow Christ. She took a step back and analyzed if this is really what she wants to do, if she can fully commit. I wonder at times if we are prepared for those moments in our lives. When He gives us a challenge we never expected. Do we already have the decision made and commitment  to follow Him, no matter how bitter the trials to come…..the cold, icy wind is that gets thrown into our face.

BROTHER GLEASON: His wife is a member and so strong in the gospel. We were able to have dinner with them this past week and they described the moment their son Collin was born and the spirit that was present. The great power and feeling a new-born can bring to someone’s heart.

KIERA: She is a 15 yr old cheerleader who is just soakin’ up the gospel right and left. She asks questions, loves reading and wants to be baptized. The only struggle is the fear of church and young women’s.

I can't wait for this next week we have to come. We will be seeing so many wonderful people who love and want to learn more of the gospel! Can't wait to share with you how it all goes.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers. I could surely feel them from all across the world this past week. I am reminded every day that I have an army defending us all in this great work. 

I love you all, and have a wonderful week! Filled with lots of goodness in building the kingdom of God! 
Always, always my greatest love, 
Sister Davis

Enjoy the pics! From last p-day. Check it out Apache and Kiowa on the same board...what do ya know? 
We went to a place called the Texas Institute of Culture and El Mercado (or I believe like the shops basically) 

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