Monday, February 10, 2014


 ^ aahhh, man wish I could run up and down the streets here shouting this!


Well it was a very blessed week. We had lots of happiness to fill out hearts. This work is CRAZY. And I mean crazy… people are able to feel the spirit and it ignites them with the true fire in their heart. Oh it’s so good. 

Sister Angela Bryce is doing wonderful! She was able to attend church this past week! Oh man, it really takes an army to get an investigator to church. Never once did I realize that in the past. She met so many wonderful people and the church is surrounding her with love. There was a story someone told me once of a gentlemen doing a trust fall off a stage. There was an older couple that was ready to catch him as he fell, so obviously he was hesitant. So they told him to fall backward, and as soon as he did a swarm of men came up and caught him. Wow, we can do that! That is the power members of the church can have with a new investigator. SO COOL 

We met with a lady who attended the Gladys Knight presentation last fall. She brought a friend, Jerry, who she does Bible Study with, to listen as well. It was spectacular! She currently attends a bible college. She was so involved and in love with the message of the restoration. She even offered to leave us with a prayer and asked if the events in Joseph Smith's life really did occur. The power of a testimony, no matter big or small is powerful as long as it is sincere. It reminds me of the story of David and the rocks he would have used to attack Goliath. The rocks were not large but were the right size for the job. David also had to know how to use the sling properly. So, like a testimony, even though it may seem small, when used at the right time (in a quiet setting) with the right technique (the power of the spirit) our testimonies can be powerful.

OH MY GOODNESS I WOKE UP ONE MORNING TO WHITE STUFF ON THE GROUND. Not sure if I could call it snow, some people here called it grabels? But hey, it was cold enough for white stuff to be on the ground and stick around even when the sun came up!

Last week on before I signed off, I caught the title of an article called, "What does it mean to Hasten the Work?" I thought about that all week. It isn't just a catchy phrase, but rather it is a commandment we must obey and not take lightly. We had dinner with an amazing family who exemplify what it means to "Hasten the Work"…. The Yenchik Family. We arrived at their home and dinner was all set and ready, and then the first thing they started asking about was our investigators, and how they could help with the work. They shared with us how their family all live in UT and recently the husband was offered a job in UT. They thought about how great it would be to live close to family again but took their decision to the Lord.  The Lord directed them to San Antonio instead. They have taken that as a duty to move the work forward here and are excited in every way to meet people and help out. Before we could ask if we could help them in any way, they left us with the question, "What can we do to help you tonight with the work?" One thing after the other occurred that week. We had contact with them almost every day. There was no time wasted in their home where missionary work was not a high priority. They knew their purpose in the work. They knew our purpose in the work. And it reminded me of the scripture which mentions that, "their hearts were knit together….." WOW, so good. 

OH and Sister Harmon hasn't has a chance to attend the temple for herself, so we attended this past week. It has been a bit cold and it rained and froze over the night before, so they shut down the major highway. So crazy, almost worse than snow packed roads…. there was black ice everywhere…. 3 accidents between 2 exits! So that caused us to be a bit late and we didn't attend a session. Instead we were able to do initiatory! AHHHHH…. Just amazing! I think it’s just as hard for us to get to the temple as it is for investigators to attend church! (this was our 3rd attempt to attend and we still had difficulty.. lol Kind of makes you laugh sometimes. 

The work is good, the people are great and I love every moment of it. I am studying like crazy, but there just never seems to be enough time to learn all that you want to learn. And the love and joy and peace of the gospel never end! But now I have to go get our food for the week. I love you all so much! Don't forget who loves you the most though, no matter what!... Heavenly Father. I know he does. 

Always, always, Always, Sister Davis
lunch with Claire for her birthday!
Claire's Birthday lunch!
our district-SA West Stake-9th Ward

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