Monday, April 28, 2014


HAPPY CELEBRATIONS! Family, Family, Family! I love each one of you. 
Quick Run Through of the Week: 
- Couple of exchanges! One with the Head Sister Training Leaders and another with the sisters we live with! Incredible Sisters! 
- Bridget and Chrissy are still set for Baptism after some shakes. 
- Heavenly Father placed NENA in our path, the mother of Angelina and Sabien
- Chrissy is one of the strongest youth I know
- We received some wonderful dating, marriage and family advice this week! 
- Michelle is set for Baptism on May 24th
- Robert was asking direct questions about Joseph Smith
- Heavenly Father provided a way for us to teach Troy (Liza's husband) 
- Debbie is craving baptism!
- Ward members have stopped by and introduced themselves to our investigators on their own. 
- We had a 7 HOUR zone conference with President Slaughter and the wonderful leaders of the mission! 
- Heavenly Father placed another part-member family in our path! 
- Debbie, Chrissy and BRIDGET (and her 2 kiddos) all came to church! 
- AND all the meetings at church were phenomenal! 
- A family referred us to their neighbor and we have a lesson set up for this week. 
- The Thornal family invited one of our investigators over to have a lesson in their home! 
- Sister Davis is teaching me so much everyday (how to better walk in the light or follow the spirit, how to be positive and upbeat at all times, how to live and apply what we teach every day, and much more) 
- A member made invites for our baptism! Adorable. 
- And we have a great week ahead of us! 

I pray every day that I can prepare myself for what Heavenly Father is about to do next. He has incredible things in store. I am not sure what it will be....but I can see tremendous events occurring, testimonies growing, families making covenants together, hearts overflowing.  

I would like to share a portion of another missionaries email if I may. 

"A spiritual experience I had this week was listening to fast and testimony meeting. One sister got up and bore a short but inspiring testimony about the cultural celebration that took place in Gilbert Arizona following the dedication of the temple there. It began to POUR rain and twelve thousand youth prayed fervently for the rain to stop. It didn't. But neither did they. They sang and danced without a word of complaint. The following Sunday, they could only talk about the rain and how it had strengthened their testimonies that Heavenly Father doesn't always take the trials away. And that's exactly how I feel about my life right now. It's pouring! But I know that sometimes Heavenly Father doesn't calm the storm; instead, He calms the child. I also know that rain will make the flowers grow. So I wait. I keep going. I watch for the flowers."

President Slaughter shared some wonderful stories with us this past week. On one occasion his wife and he planned to buy a house. They signed contract after contract after contract. When Sister Slaughter went to go make the final payment and sign the last signature the offer was gone. She immediately called President Slaughter in concern, unsure of what to do, Why were we lead in this direction if we weren't supposed to buy this home? President Slaughter responds, "Did you feel that? Heavenly Father just steered us in the right direction?" We were able to see that we don’t ask WHY, we don’t need to know WHY, we just simply walk in the light and he is guiding us and will continue to guide us. We don’t need to question the Lord. We show our gratitude for him steering us in the right direction. 

I love each one of you. Thank you for your sincere love and support for all you have done. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your joy in the gospel and your testimonies that you share. 

Sincerely, Sister Davis 

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