Monday, April 21, 2014


BECAUSE OF HIM....this week we get to celebrate the wonderful days that MOM and TUCKER impacted our lives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you! I just imagine that when we are living with Heavenly Father we will have even more reasons for celebrations. So we will celebrate the day we chose to come to this earth, our baptism day, marriage day, and the day we go to the spirit world to teach more people about the gospel! The day we accepted our call to teach even more people! 

We had some wonderful exchanges this past week! I again got to go to an area called Fair Oaks. It is up north, similar to Sedalia. On Friday I was able to go to a neighboring ward...the San Antonio 8th Ward. Both days helped me to better realize and understand that the work everywhere is the same and different all all once. We are ALL a part of God's army….fighting for truth and righteousness. 

Last week I mentioned the Davila Family! After coming home we truly felt that we were going to have a baptism on May 10th! (now of course it was still a ways away and a lot could happen in between. BUT we put in on our calendars in pen. We wrote it everywhere. We told our Ward Mission Leader, he in return told the Ward Council, and the Bishop. (at great risk). They scheduled it on their calendars. Well the very next day we receive a call from the Elders. They tell us that they have an investigator that lives in our ward boundaries who they have set for a date to get baptized on May 10th! SAY WHAT? (her name is Bridget!) AND THEN just this past weekend we took another one of our investigators to a baptism and on the way home she said that she wants to get baptized on May 10th with Bridget as well!!!!! My goodness. Can you see the faith that is in action! I wish I could just describe to you in a bit more detail all that occurred in between and the HUGE miracles that occurred for each one of these individuals to be baptized on this day. But please continue to pray for Bridget and Chrissy! 

Bridget is a mother of two children. She was invited to listen to the missionaries by her dear friend Sister Boster. She resisted at first and said no multiple times. BUT now that she is learning and has decided to be baptized she has a great wealth of knowledge and it is continuing to exponentially grow. Every time we see her we leave with our eyes filled with tears, our jaws dropped to the ground and just a heart overflowing with gratitude, joy and indescribable strength. 

Well I better be on my merry way. Sorry this is not long, but there is just so much to tell. AH!

I love you all so much, thank you for your great love and dedication to the great work of the Lord. It is so incredible. Don’t forget who you represent. 

Oh It was great. We had a few members not of our faith who were able to attend. We had a great dinner at a member’s home! It was a wonderful day! We had a ward Easter egg hunt in which quite a few families not of our faith were able to attend. It so great to share the gospel and to see and witness others learning. OH GOODNESS! 

I LOVE IT and yes of course I love YOU TOO! Have a splendid week of Joy and everything else. Always, Sister Davis
We had a lesson at the temple!
Attended a Baptism with Bridget and Chrissy!
Easter Sunday 2014!
A little fun with the Blue Bonnets!

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