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FAMILY, (apologies for the length - promise you won’t regret reading the whole thing though)
@ the subject….If this marvelous work isn't already occurring then I am not sure what this prophecy is speaking of. I can't even imagine a greater happiness than I feel at this time. The work is like Hershey Chocolate can’t just eat one. You can't just speak to one person or teach just one lesson. It’s addicting, it’s gets in your blood! Last night it was 8:45 and we had just stopped to see a family. We left them with a prayer and had to be home by 9pm but I would have rather stayed our much later and talked to more and more people.  Why? ….because we’ve had a week that’s been UNBELIEVABLE.....

(This one’s for you mother) The week started off with a family night with the Vasquez family. They invited their neighbors over to discuss gospel principles and have to some fun together. The Vasquez family is a power house. Six kids, with confident parents in all they do. Inviting friends over for family night just seemed to be a regular occurrence for them…” this is just what we do in the church!” We were just amazed by them and we could feel that the spirit had touched  their hearts. 

Quote of the Week from someone we talked to: "Might as well do 'em here ‘cause I can't take them with me to Heaven." (referring to drinking and smoking.) Can you say 2 Nephi 28? 

We have an amazing ward mission leader and his great companion! They’ve had several trials hit them these past couple of weeks BUT, they still called our investigators to remind them about church, picked them up for church, made baptismal programs, made a HUGE dinner for our investigators, watched conference with them and so on and so forth. WOW !We were just blown away by the service that has been given here in the San Antonio 9th Ward. 

CONFERENCE....are you ready for this? We were able to watch every session of conference with families that are not of our faith!!!

Saturday Morning: Michelle (the mother) and her 3 girls (Michelle, Mariana, Miranda (See pictures!)
We show up to their home a bit before conference and Michelle accidentally forgot. lol So she hurried and rushed to get this and that ready, rushing  back and forth, up and down the stairs. BUT after the 2 hrs of conference, she said, "I feel so peaceful and calm!" 

Saturday Afternoon: Chrissy (the girl who is currently living with her friend-a member family, the Thomas's) 
Her experience was a little different but I guarantee she still felt the spirit. An hour into conference she says "So how many men get up there to speak?" lol BUT we had an incredible lesson with her this past week. (Let’s take a step back...the first time we met Chrissy, she didn't even come to the door, and hid around the corner, and when we invited her to church she said "Church isn't for me." Now, two weeks later, before we can even knock on the door, she sees us coming and opens the door to give us a huge hug and thanks us for the ‘heart attack’ we gave her. As we sit down to begin the lesson she comes over to sit next to us and show us where she’s been reading in the Book of Mormon. She highlighted verses, understood them, and explained how she had already applied them! 

Sunday Morning: Liza and Andrea. We just met them this past week and invited them to listen to conference and asked if we could watch it with them. She let us come over and even fed us lunch afterwards! We are in shock right now. Every minute this past week we kept thinking.....”What is happening? This is unreal? We must be in a dream.” After our lesson with them this past week she researched "Why we need earthly apostles?" And there, popped up on google, were all of the apostles and their biographies. Our tithing money is being used towards a great causes...have no fear! 

Saturday Afternoon: Debbie and Randy (the couple whose daughter and sister are members, and BTW,Randy had just quit smoking on his own) It was a challenge but they LOVED it. This was with our WML and his wife that I mentioned earlier. We re-watched M. Russell Ballard’s talk and every time Elder Ballard said “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Randy would say it with Elder Ballard. Oh man, it killed us every time. We just love this family dearly. 

One particular part of conference that stuck out is that we must "Stand up for What is True." It was spoken of multiple times with great power. I have learned that tradition can be a wonderful thing, yet a detrimental thing if we are not careful. Often times we get caught in a certain tradition, or thinking that “this is the way we do something”. I have often caught myself doing the same thing. It shows the great importance and critical nature of daily scripture study to remind us of our covenants and how must be strictly obedient and to always be making correction in ourselves as we seek to become more like the Savior. 

With that in mind, we often get reminded by President Slaughter, "How Gentle God's Command." D&C 121:34-36. Here is an excerpt from his latest email. 

"A word of caution. Please remember that church cell phones are to be used only for missionary purposes. Calling (or texting) friends, family, and even other missionaries from other missions are not approved (unless you are authorized by the mission president). Facebook and chatting are not yet authorized in our mission either, this includes using back and forth emails as a form of chatting."

I love each one of you. Thank you for your prayers, your sincere concern for me….your love and happiness. You bring so much joy to the individuals here. Thank you for your thoughts as well. I appreciate all that you have done for me. 

These experiences that occurred this week are just a taste of all that occurred in my heart and mind. I am learning of my Savior, Jesus Christ right and left. Every day everything I see or hear or do, either strengthens my testimony that this is His kingdom. I can share with you that His kingdom is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love the power that is in the Book of Mormon and most importantly I love my Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ. 

Best Wishes to each one of you with all your endeavors this week. I am praying for finals to go well Tuck and Tyler!  
Always, much love, Sister Davis
Michelle (the mother), Michelle(10) Mariana,(7)  Miranda (3) and I watching conference with Conference Bingo!
Michelle and Sister Davis - both amazing individuals whom I love so much!
Chrissy (who we are currently teaching) Sister Davis, Me, Sara

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