Monday, October 13, 2014


OH! The week sounds like it was quite fun! I am glad to hear you loved and enjoyed Meet the Mormons! What powerful stories! We each have our own and get to share it personally with those we meet. 
I love each one of you dearly. Thank you for everything you have taught me. I often tell stories of each of you to Sister Barrick and after every one she says, "I want to meet your family!" So, y’all are famous! 

I learned of humility this week! Once we think we are humble, we are prideful. A similar quote I heard recently...."Forget yourself. And when you find yourself, forget yourself again, because you're in the wrong place." I am sure Heavenly Father wants to teach us so much from Him, however, I have learned that if I don’t ask and yearn for it, He will not give. 
We stopped by a women’s this past week who we met a few months ago, but was hesitant to talk with us at the time. When we spoke with her on Sat evening she mentioned how her family has been trying different churches to fit with all of their different personalities. Her 10yr old son had been asking lately, "Mom, let’s just try one more church, can we try one more?" Wow! The power of a child of God!
Sandra (Brother Peterson's wife) attended church again this week! She has been studying the pamphlets and her Bible. She is taking notes so diligently and asking questions to Brother Peterson!!!
We were able to meet some other wonderful families this past week as well! It is so interesting how we can spend hours and hours on end within the same 10 acres of homes, and week after week we will meet a family that we have never seen before. “WOW! We have walked and driven past that home a countless number, but never once met the family that lives there”. It has taught me even more about the principle of FAITH. The miracles that occur do not depend on my ability, my luck, my chance to meet this family or that family, but rather is FULLY dependent on faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ! 
As I went on quite a few short exchanges this past week, it was powerful to see the differences in each of God's Children. How we learn differently, how we receive direction differently, how we listen differently, and how we act differently. In no way, would I be able to gain enough education to learn these different behaviors AND THEN learn how to work with each personality. Heavenly Father has given us the endless ability to work with others, to learn from them, to strengthen to them. 

I am eternally indebted to my Heavenly Father. Always, Sister Davis

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