Monday, October 20, 2014


Dearist Family!!! 

The minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks just keep getting better! I love being a soldier in God's Army! 

The Leon Springs Ward is by far the greatest place to be at this time. A few weeks ago we met Brian walking with his daughter. We shared with him the Book of Mormon and he accepted it, mentioning his wife was a strong Catholic and was not going to change, but he would read it. The Dinning family, in the ward, lives just down the road and so we stopped to share with them the experience! They were stoked to hear and so willing to help. They made an extra effort to say “Hi” to them on the street. A couple weeks later we stopped by to drop off a Trunk or Treat invitation. The wife answered the door and was very kind and gentle and receiving. So we gave the Dinning family an update of what had occurred. Sister Dinning has been praying for the family lately and asking us a lot about them. Saturday evening she was ready and pumped to go introduce herself to them official, but felt steered another direction. So Sunday evening she was prompted to go and went. She met Brian, as the wife and kids were out for the night. Sister Dinning mentioned that she had heard from us about giving Brian a Book of Mormon and his wife a Trunk or Treat invite, and she followed up on both invitations! (Elder Ballard would be proud!) As a neighbor and a friend Sister Dinning  was able to answer many of his questions about the church in general. She testified of the restoration, of temples, of prophets and so much more. She related to us that it felt normal and it was real and just friendly. She extended a more specific invite to read 3 Nephi 11 and placed a bookmark in place. WOW …. outstanding! This work could not have gone forward without her power and excitement to help. I am so grateful for the strong testimonies of the members here. Their hearts are pure! 

The primary president in our ward, Sister Jenkins and her family are on fire as well. Having three girls and a crazy home, somehow she is still able to find time to help us. Multiple times she has come out with us to drop off invitations to families we have met in the area. She gladly introduces herself and asks about the kids that might attend the same school as hers. WOW I am just in awe of their help and so grateful. It has made a world of difference. 

Janet is an investigator whom we have been working with quite a bit lately. She has asked that members not come to her lessons because she feels it is a burden on their families and takes so much time away from their family time. Sister Cobabe, from the ward, has befriended her over time and the other night we asked Janet if Sister Cobabe could come to a lesson. Janet immediately agreed and said, "Oh I love her, of course she can." Miracles came immediately after. That evening Janet's countenance changed. She listened intently to this member who had befriended her. She then told Sister Cobabe her deepest concerns and why she would not be baptized yet. This all happened after we headed home for the night. The great power these members in the Leon Springs Ward. 

One last member, Sister Metcalf. Just recently she shared with us her change in sharing the gospel. A few months ago she would tell you that she tried as much as possible NOT to bring up the church with her friends and was a bit timid to pray for missionary experiences for many reasons. (Fear of not being able to answer questions, taking up more time in her schedule, explaining answers to questions etc. and so forth). She said she finally realized that she must get over her selfish fears and understand the bigger picture. She began praying for missionary opportunities. She began seeing a bigger picture in the work. That it did not require more time, but rather it became part of her nature, attitude and conversations; that she did not have to answer every question; that the Lord would guide and direct her in every way. I wish I could copy and post her thoughts and words here but I am just paraphrasing. "Have ye experienced a might change in your hearts?" 

I could go on and on with the week, but you are free to read my journal entries for this week after I die because I have recorded them there. I thank you again for the love and joy you each have brought to my life. Sister Barrick thought I was a bit crazy this week when I set a goal to only do things in life that either 1) Build God's Kingdom 2) Help my Family. She said "Ill follow up with that in a few years and see." Truly, I love this work with all my heart. I am sincerely grateful to know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, the priesthood has been restored, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lords kingdom. 

Always, Always, Sister Davis 

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