Monday, May 12, 2014


Mother, Father, Jordan, Cristy, Adri, Tyler, and Tucker! 

Hearing is a powerful sense. It allows us to learn, to obey, to be warned, to feel, to receive. It’s the time when we stop thinking about ourselves, and focus on another person. President Slaughter often speaks of listening with our whole soul and not just with our ears. How are you receiving what you are hearing? Is it just stuff that’s "nice to hear" or is it really piercing your soul? I have often pondered on this subject, but am still far from mastering it. 

The sweetest thing to hear is the voice of your mother! My goodness! Since the very first day we met our parents we will ALWAYS be able to identify our mothers voice. No matter what…. when you hear your mother’s voice, you always feel their love for you. 

Yesterday mother handed the phone over to someone to say hi, but didn’t tell me who it was. I heard, "Hello, Kenz" ..... suddenly the tears came rolling down my face and my throat got all choked up. That’s all it took….the voice of a loved one. It was M'Kay! And with each person's voice that I heard, a rush of love from each person came over me. It’s the coolest thing. Thank you all for your love across the miles. I can feel it. 

What you hear has power to stay with you for a lifetime. So make sure what you say is worth hearing for eternity. 

Oh yes, I will be staying here for transfers. However they are splitting up the Davis Duo. Sister Davis will be heading off to the land of oz.

We had a lesson with Bridget this morning about family history work. She is so excited to do baptisms on Saturday at the temple! Someday you will get to meet her! 

I love each one of you and thank you for all you shared with me yesterday! It was glorious. I love each one of you. Sincerely, Sister Davis
Sisters conference at the temple!
Thomas Family, Chrissy and us!
Bridget and her little ones, London and Gavin
Sister Boster and Bridget
Me, Bridget, Sister Davis and Bridget's two children, London and Gavin
Elder Isaac and Elder Foster who helped us a TON!
Sunday Morning!
Chrissy brought us flowers! I can't imagine being any happier than I am right now!

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